I Hate to Love the Pirate King Book

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I Hate to Love the Pirate King


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Cover is a placeholder. Midjourneying isn't easy. I spend at least 20 seconds per prompt. "Look at you," he growled. "All bothered because of a filthy pirate. How can you live with yourself when you clearly want me so much?" -- --- How can she want him dead so badly when she desires him? --- #FANTASY #WSA2022 --- Mature content, violence, slow burn and dark themes. You've been warned. This is not your average fantasy love story despite the bad boy theme. --- Mariana Adams is a young woman in her early twenties, living in the fantastical world of Ad Rath, which is plagued by ghosts, sea monsters and ancient curses. She gathers herself a crew of battle-hardened privateers to hunt down her ex, the pirate king Captain Daniel Brandon. Their years together haunt Mariana, as does his betrayal...but how come can't she keep her eyes off him? Even when she finds out her fate as a savior of the world in a battle against ancient monsters, she keeps coming back to him across the ocean in this game of cat and mouse. On and off. Hot and cold. It's dangerous, but it's so addictive...but what if Daniel is even more demonic than she has thought? What if he keeps her in his domineering, hypnotic allure and won't let go? What does he really want from her? Her body? Her hatred? Her love? When angels and demons fall in love in a world of magic where anything can happen on the high seas, skies will crumble and hearts will be broken. There is only one rule in magic... You cannot forbid a heart from desiring. --- This is a bad boy / good-ish girl SLOW BURN love story set in a high fantasy world that may be familiar to you from Water Belongs to the Dead: Heart of the Witch and Evil Occultist. Set in a time of pirates, magnificent treasure ships and witches, I Hate to Love the Pirate King will plunder your heart. --- discord link finally. it's an actual functioning server afaik: https://discord.gg/tmeZKG5dqT