I Experienced an SSS Encryption

Raymond traveled to the exam room of the college entrance examination. He found he knew nothing when he had seen the examination papers. Fortunately, he activated the Grade-A Student System. However, he then found the system was somewhat weird! In the Chinese exam, the system offered him a body cultivation method? In the English exam, the system offered him Morse code? In the geography exam, the system offered him the Art of War of Global Actual Combat? In the physics exam, the system offered him the design drawing of Chengdu J-20? ... Lin Yi wanted to cry, but he had no tears to shed. In the end, he only wrote some nonsense on the examination papers. In the Chinese examination paper: “Qi and blood attack. Direct qi to flow through the meridians in your body. One day's work can last one week...” In the maths examination paper: “The weather controller can launch a meteorologic attack, such as thunderstorm, frost, in hemispheres. The calculation formula is x.=Ax...” As expected, Raymond’s total score was zero. Those weird examination papers got viral on the Internet. The whole school was talking about it on Homecoming Day. However, to his surprise, the military saw Raymond’s examination papers. On the same day, the papers were encrypted on the SSS level.

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SAT Examination Venue

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2021, Little Rock City, Arkansas, United States.

In a private high school examination venue in Little Rock City.

"Excuse me, examinee?"

"This is an examination, I hope you can take it seriously. This gentleman..."

The invigilator looked at the youth lying on the examination table and reminded him with a deadpan expression.

The youth's name was Raymond, and he was an examinee who was participating in the SAT American academic aptitude assessment.

Hearing the invigilator's voice, Raymond raised his head and looked at his surroundings in a daze. Finally, he locked his gaze on the person beside him and said in puzzlement, "Is there anything? I've already handed the work report to the department head."

When the invigilator heard this, he was instantly stunned.

"Report? What report? You're currently in the middle of an exam. Quickly wake up and answer the questions properly. Don't leave yourself with any regrets."

Hearing this, Raymond's mind went blank. "Answer the questions? Exam?"

Seeing Raymond's confused look, the invigilator shook his head and sighed. "This guy... must have slept so soundly!"

After saying that, the invigilator didn't care anymore. He turned around and left, leaving Raymond alone in his messy seat.

"Exam? Didn't I just sleep on my desk for a while? Why am I here?"

Raymond looked around.

Where was this?

Could it really be the exam room?

Wasn't he at his desk?

What was going on?

In his memory, he was resting in his office!

Moreover, he should be wearing a suit and shirt. How did it become a T-shirt and jeans?

At this moment, Raymond's eyes suddenly glanced at the admission ticket and other identity information on his desk.

"Is it really an exam?"

"Or is it the SAT?"

Raymond could not believe it. He raised his hand and pinched his face.

"Fuck, it really hurts..."

Did he really return to time and space? He even returned to the scene of the SAT exam!

Raymond's eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at the critical reading test paper on the desk.

In his previous life, he did not even get 750 marks on the SAT. Naturally, he did not have a university or scholarship. In addition, his family background was ordinary, so he did not go to university.

After graduating from high school, he began to travel. Later, he found a random job and began his working life.

Once he had a job and settled down, let alone studying knowledge, his life in the city already made him a little breathless.

In addition, that knowledge was simply not useful in life, so he had long forgotten what he had learned in high school.

Years of working life had tormented him.

He looked at his classmates who had gone to college, each of them crossing class boundaries and earning millions each year...

He had been annoyed countless times in the rented house. If he had studied hard and gotten a scholarship to go to a good college...

He would not have become like this.

Now was another chance god had given him!

A chance to change his terrible life.

Raymond felt excited at the thought.

He could stand on the same starting line as the others, and have the chance to change his class by learning.

He quickly picked up the pen in his hand, his eyes shining, and focused on the exam.

Soon, Raymond put down the pen in his hand again in frustration.

"I don't remember it at all!"

In his eyes, the exam paper was like the Book of Abraham.

He couldn't even understand the exam paper, let alone answer the questions.

He seemed to have seen every single one of them, but he didn't know what they were when they were combined.

The surrounding examinees were all burying their heads in the questions, and Raymond was like a passerby in the exam hall.

But what could Raymond do? Once a person was anxious, he could do anything, but he just couldn't do the test paper!

He couldn't do these questions at all!


At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in Raymond's mind.

[Top Student System binding...]

[System loading... 10%... 50%... 95%...]

Hearing the notification sound, Raymond's eyes started to shine with excitement.

System! The standard configuration for every transmigrator!

Furthermore, this system was a top student system!

He was at the SAT venue, and he had awakened a top student system!

Didn't this mean that there was no problem for his SAT exam!?

Thinking of this, Raymond became excited.

[Top Student System, loading complete.]

[Host: Raymond]

[Vitality: 10]

[Intelligence: 10]

[Spiritual Power: 8]

(The standard for an ordinary person is 10 points.)

[Course Points: 0]

[Skill Points: 0]

[Learnable Skills: None]

[This system is a Top Student System. As long as the host touches something related to learning, it will trigger a mission and produce a reward.]

The notification sounded again.

[Ding, the host has been detected at the SAT venue. Now handing out the novice gift bag!]

It's coming, it's coming!

The standard configuration of the system: Novice Gift Bag!

The light in Raymond's eyes grew brighter, and his entire being started to get excited.

He had already picked up the pen again, preparing to amaze everyone.

[The Critical Reading Exam is currently underway. Begin handing out the relevant rewards.]

[The rewards are--]

[Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique (Beginner)]

[Congratulations, host! You've taken another big step towards becoming a top student!]

Hearing this notification, Raymond was stunned.

"What is this?"

"Did I hear it wrong? Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique?"

Raymond read it several times and finally confirmed that he didn't hear it wrong.

"Damn you!"

The pen in his hand that he had just picked up suddenly trembled, and he could not help but start roaring in the examination room.

This system is playing with me?

I'm taking the critical reading test, and this damn system gave me a body refining technique?

Did you think it was a physical test?

In the next second, before Raymond could react, a huge amount of information crazily surged into his brain.

All the theories and illustrations about the Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique kept flashing in Raymond's mind, and then they were deeply imprinted in his mind.

The system did not lie to Raymond. He really had learned the Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique!

After receiving the Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique from the system, Raymond's brain was completely shut down because of this huge amount of information.

What was the body tempering exercise? It was still at the elementary level!

What did it have to do with the current SAT critical reading?

Wasn't this system the Top Student System? Wasn't it also giving out things related to critical reading?

This was completely to train the body! The style was completely wrong!

Did this critical reading have anything to do with it?

Did this critical reading have anything to do with a body?

The system must be joking with him!