I Experienced an SSS Encryption

Raymond traveled to the exam room of the college entrance examination. He found he knew nothing when he had seen the examination papers. Fortunately, he activated the Grade-A Student System. However, he then found the system was somewhat weird! In the Chinese exam, the system offered him a body cultivation method? In the English exam, the system offered him Morse code? In the geography exam, the system offered him the Art of War of Global Actual Combat? In the physics exam, the system offered him the design drawing of Chengdu J-20? ... Lin Yi wanted to cry, but he had no tears to shed. In the end, he only wrote some nonsense on the examination papers. In the Chinese examination paper: “Qi and blood attack. Direct qi to flow through the meridians in your body. One day's work can last one week...” In the maths examination paper: “The weather controller can launch a meteorologic attack, such as thunderstorm, frost, in hemispheres. The calculation formula is x.=Ax...” As expected, Raymond’s total score was zero. Those weird examination papers got viral on the Internet. The whole school was talking about it on Homecoming Day. However, to his surprise, the military saw Raymond’s examination papers. On the same day, the papers were encrypted on the SSS level.

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Weird System, Causing trouble?

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Raymond tried to call out to the system, but the system seemed to have disappeared, and so did the notification sound.

"What is this!"

Raymond looked at the critical reading test paper in front of him.

It was the critical reading test but the system gave him a Qi and blood technique.

Was he going to write down the body tempering technique on the test paper?

Then what was the point of taking the test!?

It would definitely be zero points!

Moreover, he had the system now! Did he still need the SAT test?

At this moment, Raymond was just about to stand up and call for a white paper to leave.

The disappearing notification sounded again.

[Initial task: Complete this SAT test. The system will officially open all permissions. Note: You are not allowed to hand in a white paper!]

Hearing the system's words, Raymond stopped in his tracks and sat back in his chair.


Only by completing the SAT could the system be officially opened?

"Let me complete the SAT. Give me an answer that I can use!" Raymond said angrily.

What kind of stupid system was this!?

Raymond, who was sitting in his chair, had an ugly expression on his face as he looked at the critical reading paper in front of him.

Write, or not write?

The answer was very clear!

If he wrote, it would only be a zero.

If he didn't write, the system would disappear.


Thinking of this, Raymond directly picked up a pen.

'Critical reading, right?'

'Why don't I just write blindly on it!'

'Anyway, I don't have a clue. I can't even make up a story.'

'I have nothing to do anyway.'

"Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique, replenishing qi and condensing blood!"

"Circulate Qi through all the veins in the body and circulate it one day at a time..."

He wrote down the Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique that he had just learned on the test paper.

Soon, he finished writing the test paper. Raymond held the test paper in front of him. His face full of bitterness.

He didn't know how to answer any of the multiple-choice questions, but he wanted to leave a mark on it.

The Critical Reading Exam was basically over...

No, it was definitely over.

Raymond thought so.

At this time, the examiner who woke Raymond happened to return to his side.

Seeing that Raymond had finished writing the exam paper, he couldn't help but smile with relief.

In his opinion, waking Raymond might be the future of a young man.

At least he wouldn't have any regrets.

He came to Raymond's side and was just about to praise this young man in his heart.

Then, his expression suddenly changed.

Because, he saw that what was written on Raymond's test paper had nothing to do with what was written on the test paper!

He didn't know what he was scribbling at all!

In an instant, the invigilator's praise on his face disappeared. Instead, a cold expression crept up on his face.

This guy, not only was he sleeping, he was also scribbling!

There was simply no cure!

Thinking of this, the invigilator left in anger.


After handing in the test paper, Raymond left the examination room to rest for a while.

He took out the sandwich he had prepared and leaned against the wall, waiting for the test to begin.

At this time, he was a little depressed.

He finally got a chance to start all over again.

He also got the system.

Although his Critical Reading Exam was over...

But at least he had the system with him.

As long as he completed this exam, no matter how many points he got, he could absolutely be fully established in this society.

Thinking of this, the corners of Raymond's mouth could not help but reveal a smile.


The rest time ended very quickly. There were still five minutes before the exam began.

Raymond rushed to the examination hall.

Then, the exam began.

This was a Grammar Exam.

As soon as Raymond received the paper, the corners of his mouth immediately revealed a bitter smile.

"I still don't know how to do it..."

Raymond really didn't know any of the questions on the grammar paper!

There were all kinds of theories and definitions. He felt like he had a headache just because of these things.

At this moment, the sound of a notification rang in Raymond's mind again.

[Ding! The Grammar Exam is underway. Host, Weather Control Data will be given as a formula to calculate the control data. (Beginnner)]

"Host, Morse Code will be given as a code to signal the code. (Beginner)"

As expected, the things gifted by the Top Student System had nothing to do with the grammar test.

Raymond sighed.

'This is trying to mess with me.'

'This is obviously trying to ruin my test.'

However, Raymond began to get used to it.

The next moment, a huge amount of knowledge points appeared in his mind. Formulas that he had never seen before flashed through his mind one by one, and then were imprinted in his mind.

After he received the formula on weather control, as well as all the relevant information about Morse code appeared in his mind immediately. The meaning of any symbol could form a complete sentence of information. It had to be said that this Morse code was very interesting.

After receiving all the information, Raymond did not hesitate. He picked up a pen and wrote all the formulas in his mind on the grammar test paper using Morse code.

"If you can control the weather, you can control the weather in the hemisphere..."

"Solution: F = argmax (p(fIg)) = P (gIf) p(f)/p(g)


Z = T1atz + T1BU


Because the knowledge given by the system was digested thoroughly, a test paper was written very quickly.

What could he do? It couldn't even be compared to a blank paper!

After finishing this test paper, Raymond didn't even check it.

He directly handed in the test paper, turned around, and left.

The invigilator was stunned.

This test hadn't started for long, and a student had already finished writing and handing in the test paper?

When Raymond placed the papers on the table and walked out of the examination room.

The invigilator couldn't help but glance at Raymond's papers.

"He really finished..."

Before he could finish speaking, he saw the densely packed strange symbols on the papers.

"What are these? Did that student give up on himself? Or is he trying to do something?"

The invigilator looked at the exam paper in confusion, then turned his head to look in the direction Raymond had left, scratching his head.


Another exam had begun.

In the exam hall, Raymond sat in his seat.

This was a Math Exam.

Raymond had long since come to terms with it.

It didn't matter. So what if he had a system? It would only give him some weird skills that had nothing to do with the exam.

When the test paper was handed to him, he picked up the pen and prepared himself.

No matter what skills the system gave him next, he would write them on the test paper without hesitation.

As expected, Raymond saw the contents of the test paper.

"I still don't know how to do it..."

The questions on the math test paper, all kinds of formulas, and all kinds of equations. When he saw these, he had a headache.

He could do anything in a hurry, but he just couldn't do the math questions.

[Ding, detected that the Math Exam is in progress.]

The prompt sounded on time.

[The blueprints of the engine components of a fighter jet as well as the related principles are given as a gift. (Beginner)]