6 One Move

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In a hurry, he could only use all his strength to retreat, but he was still swept by Fang Chen's sword.

What shocked Fang Ping was that when the tip of the sword swept over, Fang Chen actually slapped it lightly and retreated.

One move, and Fang Ping was already defeated.

"This doesn't count. Fang Ping, I told you to be serious. Your brother's strength is really not a joke. Remember not to force yourself. If you can't hold on, increase your strength."

Fang Chen said with a faint smile and waved. This time, he waited for Fang Ping to make the first move.

After the first round, Fang Ping naturally did not dare to underestimate Fang Chen anymore.

Moreover, he was quite curious to know just how far Fang Chen had mastered the Three Styles of Breeze.

"Okay, Big Brother. I'm really serious this time," Fang reminded him, then took the initiative to attack.

Fang Chen naturally countered every move. Soon, two figures twisted and turned in the small courtyard, and sword lights flashed.

The more Fang Chen fought, the more comfortable he felt. After all, only in a real fight could he feel the power and essence of the sword technique more clearly.

However, the more Fang Ping fought, the more shocked he became.

After only two moves, he felt that he could not withstand it and hurriedly erupted with the strength of an eighth-grade. However, he only lasted five moves before he felt that he was in danger again. He could only continue to increase his strength to the seventh-grade.

He had already crossed two realms, but it was still very difficult for Fang Ping. He could only increase his strength to the sixth-grade.

Just like that, the two of them exchanged fifty moves, but soon Fang Ping realized that he was being suppressed again.

"Come quickly. I can only unleash my full strength."

Fang Ping was helpless. He could only show his strength as a fifth-grade martial artist.

In the end, Fang Ping was shocked to discover that he was still being forced into a dangerous situation by Fang Chen. Sometimes, it was even obvious that Fang Chen was deliberately going easy on him, so he could continue to attack.

At this moment, Fang Ping was already certain that Fang Chen's Sword Technique was probably much more exquisite than the Gu Changxue of the Sword Tower.

While Fang Chen and Fang Ping were competing, the North Protector King, Fang Tianhuai, had unknowingly arrived at a corner of the courtyard and witnessed everything.

"Chen'er's sword technique has probably surpassed the grandmaster level. He probably inherited Jin'er's talent, right?"

Jin'er was the nickname of King of Zhenbei's wife. She was also the biological mother of Fang Chen and his siblings.

Just as Fang Tianhuai gave Fang Chen a grandmaster-level evaluation, Fang Ping could not hold on any longer.

"I'm not fighting anymore. I've already reached the seventh-grade, but I still can't suppress Big Brother. In terms of the Three Styles of Breeze, Big Brother is even more exquisite than Master Gu. I admit defeat."

Fang Ping knew very well that in terms of the level of the Three Styles of Breeze, he was way inferior to Fang Chen.

Although he had unleashed his strength as a fifth-grade martial artist, he was still restrained.

Of course, this did not mean that Fang Ping was useless. After all, he could only use the Three Styles of Breeze to deal with Fang Chen. Fang Ping had only learned this sword technique today and was not proficient in it.

However, Fang Ping had a feeling that even if he used all his strength, Fang Chen had that sword technique that seemed to turn something rotten into something magical. It would not be easy for him to win. It was even very likely that he would lose if he was not vigilant at the beginning.

The result terrified Fang.

"Hmph, Big Brother must have learned the Three Styles of Breeze a long time ago. I was also there when Second Brother learned this sword technique. I also think that Master Gu's sword dance is not as good as Big Brother's."

Fang Yinyin huffed as they separated.

She had yet to learn martial arts, but from the perspective of a bystander, Fang Chen's sword dance was even better than that of Gu Changxue. This proved that Fang Chen's grasp of the Three Styles of Breeze was even more exquisite.

After all, this so-called technique was actually to use the sword technique more naturally like an arm. This was a true achievement.

"Hehe, if your brother had known this set of sword techniques earlier, he wouldn't have been beaten up."

At this moment, Fang Tianhuai walked over from the corner of the courtyard and smiled.

The surrounding servants hurriedly bowed. Fang Ping, Fang Yinyin, and Fang Dapan also greeted Fang Tianhuai respectfully.

After Fang Chen woke up, he saw Fang Tianhuai again.

Thinking of how Fang Tianhuai had doted on him in his memories, thinking of the news of Fang Tianhuai's tragic death at the last border, Fang Chen's heart throbbed.

At this moment, everyone was greeting Fang Tianhuai. His younger siblings also called him father sweetly. Fang Chen also asked Fang Tianhuai casually, "Father, when did you come over?"

However, as soon as he spoke, the originally lively atmosphere in the courtyard instantly disappeared.

The courtyard fell into a dead silence. Everyone looked at Fang Chen in shock.

"This… The prince just woke up and called for his father. It might be the case if he still has residual effects of his brain disease. But now, he clearly looks better. Why is he still calling for his father? Could it be that his brain disease has relapsed?"

Fang Dapan's eyes quickly revealed a look of panic. He ran away and had already begun to shout, "Divine Doctor, save the prince, Divine Doctor…"

Fang Tianhuai also looked at Fang Chen nervously, the worry in his eyes thick.

Meanwhile, Fang Ping and Fang Yinyin were already teary-eyed and on the verge of tears.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Fang Chen instantly reacted. Before he fainted, he was not as polite to his cheapskate father, Fang Tianhuai.

"Old man, are you lost just because I called you father? I was just teasing you. Why are you so scared? Didn't I tell you that I want to practice martial arts? Where's the master you hired for me? Why isn't he here yet?" Fang Chen quickly mediated and asked Fang Tianhuai impolitely.

As soon as he said this, everyone's expressions relaxed. They looked at Fang Chen with expressions that said, "So you're joking with us."

"Aiya, that's right. You scared your father to death. You can stop teasing me in the future. I was worried that you wouldn't wake up these few days. My heart can't take it anymore."

Fang Tianhuai heard Fang Chen's familiar attitude and tone and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Fang Dapan did not call for the divine doctor anymore. He came to Fang Chen and said seriously, "Yes, yes, yes. This is what a prince should be like. You scared me to death. I thought that the prince's brain disease had relapsed."


Fang Chen kicked Fang Dapan to the ground, but he was still angry. He threw his sword away and wanted to go up and kick him a few more times.

However, at that moment, his thigh tightened and he realized that the chubby Fang Yinyin was hugging him.

"Big Brother, can you stop hitting Uncle Pan first? Yinyin just watched you compete with Second Brother and felt that moving your eyes consumed a lot of energy. Now that my stomach is rumbling from hunger, can you bring me to eat before hitting Uncle Pan?"

Fang Yinyin's eyes were filled with tears. It was obvious that if he did not give her food soon, the little girl would cry from hunger.

Fang Chen was instantly amused.

"Haha, Yinyin, so you have to eat your fill before you can roll around with your big eyes? I like your big eyes. I can't let her starve. Let's go eat something good."

Fang Chen picked up Fang Yinyin and led the way to the main hall of the mansion.

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