I Create An Unparalleled Divine Dynasty Book

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I Create An Unparalleled Divine Dynasty

Neither Here Nor There

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Lin Feng transmigrated to an ancient fantasy world and became the leader of a small sect. He also activated the "Wonder Building System"! As long as the people in the future believed the events that happened in the wonders, then everything would become reality. Thus, Lin Feng gathered the power of his sect and created the Skyreach Azure Sword, leaving some words behind on the sword. "Qingtian Sect, the holy land for cultivating sword techniques. All of its disciples are geniuses in the way of the sword. Its sect master is born with a sword constitution and with a swing of his sword, can part the heavens and slay gods." On that day, a miracle happened in the Qingtian Sect. Lin Feng instantly awakened the sword constitution and comprehended the almighty sword will. All of the disciples in the sect also became geniuses in the way of the sword and could fight opponents who were higher level than them. The Qingtian Sect suddenly became the holy land for cultivating sword techniques that everyone strived toward. Lin Feng left a sculpture behind in his second wonder. "Qingtian Sect, surrounded by the spirit veins of the nine dragons. Its ground is connected to the spirit springs and is blessed by heaven and earth. Countess other sects make their pilgrimage here." On that day, the mountains around Qingtian Sect rose to form the shape of nine dragons surrounding the sect. Heavenly lotus flowers bloomed all around the sect and the spiritual energy in the area was so thick that one might think they were in a heavenly realm. As more and more wonders got uncovered in the future, the people of the future world were shocked to discover that there really was an unparalleled divine dynasty in this world!


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