7 Vladimir Family's Young Mistress

Fein was killing the wolves with his two swords, and no matter where he went, his swords always managed to cut through them like butter, and as the seconds passed, his movements became more smooth and unpredictable. Fein has the impression that he can move quickly and precisely wherever he wants to go, and that he instinctively does the best possible move when fighting the wolves...

Fein's best guess was that this was related to his C-ranked fighting ability. Now that He'd realized that C-ranked talent is incredible, what about A-rank? Would he be able to copy enemies' techniques by simply looking through them like a Sharingan? So, how about SSS rank? Wouldn't that imply that he can even outperform those imitated techniques to unfathomable heights? or use his SSS rank scientist talent to reinvent some dark technology, such as the Iron Man suit? Despite the fact that Fein was aware that building that thing is difficult in this world due to the fact that material science and physics are not yet that advanced.

Speaking of which, Fein realized that while fighting, his thoughts were wandering, but his body was moving on its own... 'Hmmm, muscle memory is also considered a talent...' Fein concluded. 

There was something strange in this world that he couldn't believe... For example, some aspects of this world are more advanced than the Earth. while others are not... It simply does not make sense. But this is an unknown world, so who am he was to pass judgment?

Fein killed the remaining cannon fodders with ease, and then he looked at their leader... They now lacked a left foot and had some burned wounds on his body.

"It doesn't appear to have the energy to fight, and Alfred's degu reserves appear to have also run out," He grumbled.

'So they're at a standstill, huh...' Alfred's butler's suit is immaculate, with only a few scratches.

'This guy knows how to fight with tactics.' Fein stared at the butler with respect.

This type of person is usually more dangerous than those who charge mindlessly to demonstrate their abilities.

Fein decided to put an end to the enormous wolf's career after becoming bored with him... It can't even detect his incoming sneak attack due to its exhaustion, so Alfred just looked at him and he responded with a knowing look. Alfred got his message... As a result, Alfred decided to continue his act in order to further distract the big wolf. Fein's sword arrived. The sword went through the wolf's head, but unlike others, it offered some resistance.

"As one would expect from a boss level, he was more resistant than your average cannon fodder," Fein remarked sarcastically.

'Hmmm... I got 4512 exp from all the kills. What a bountiful harvest,' He exclaimed.

Name: Fein Bonifacio

Race: Human

Talent: C (0/2700 EXP)

Ratio: One in a Ten Thousand Genius

Degu Amount: D (0/900 EXP)

Total EXP: 5488

Str: E (0/300)

Agi: E (0/300)

End: E (0/300)

'HAHAHAHA, now my exp is enough to upgrade my talent to B rank.'

While Fein was laughing in his head, he noticed that the girl in the tree, or what appeared to be their young lady, walked towards him, followed by Alfred and his companions.

Fein shifted his gaze to face them and said...

"It appears that some of you require assistance with those injuries," He said, while pretending to take out some items in his backpack to conceal the existence of his storage space. This storage space was fifty cubic meters in size, and it could grow as he grew stronger.

A set of tools that physicians usually carry with them appeared in his hand... Fein pretended to take it from the bag and approach them.

"Are you still a physician? What's your name?" The young lady smiled.

"Didn't they say it's impolite to ask a stranger's name without first introducing yourself?" Fein raised his eyebrows.

"Please excuse my rudeness; you can call me Sofia Amborico Del Rosario Vladimir," she said, bowing 90 degrees to him.

For such a long and unnecessary introduction, Fein massaged his forehead with dizziness... "Sofia for short, you can call me Fein... Fein Bonifacio," He said, while staring at her as if she was a fool.

Sofia looked embarrassed at Fein's mocking expression. Her cheeks are now tinted with the color of cheery while trying to look composed on the outside at the same time.

"Alfred, help our savior process the valuable materials in the corpses. After all, the leader is a Class E while the rest are Class F," Sofia tried to change the subject by looking at their butler.

Fein became surprised that those wolves could use degu because, in his opinion, they are quite weak... So he approached Alfred and said, "Hey if that gigantic wolf is Class E, why didn't it use its abilities while fighting?"

Alfred looked at Fein with surprise, as if he thought a strong person like him should know something. 'oh boy, wonder what kind of reaction he would have if he had known I had only just begun.'

"Well, I think this wolf has a passive ability to greatly increase his speed by the way it moves, but it can't use it proficiently because it looks like it was just recently promoted to E rank," Alfred muses.

"If it only knew how to use its ability, we would have been dead by now," Sofia said, her face pale, sweat oozing from her eyebrows as if she was still shaken by the previous encounter.

Alfred consoled her by patting her back and then proceeded to dissect the important parts of the corpses with well-practiced movements. Fein just continued to observe him, trying to learn a thing or two, but his talent was still too weak to do something amazing, like learning instantly just by looking at it.

Fein also proceeded to tend to the wounded professionally, first using disinfectant to clean their wounds, then applying pressure to specific points to relieve pain and improve blood flow. He then wrapped the bandage around each of them to protect their wounds and injuries from bacteria and dirt.

Sofia was just watching him curiously while he was doing it, so Fein gladly explained some basic medical information while demonstrating it to entertain her.

"I'm sorry for shouting at you," the one known as Helius said softly... but enough for him to hear.

"No problem," Fein shrugged, "anyone would do what I just did."

"If only you knew," Helius murmured.

"Well, I suppose we should take the same route... After all, it would be dangerous if you encountered some bandits in your current state," Fein suggested.

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