I Can Upgrade My Talent In Everything

Author: MadScythe
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What is I Can Upgrade My Talent In Everything

Read ‘I Can Upgrade My Talent In Everything’ Online for Free, written by the author MadScythe, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: You can read my new book "Lord of the Time: I Can Reincarnate Infinitely."Fein is a transmigrator who finds himself in a...


You can read my new book "Lord of the Time: I Can Reincarnate Infinitely." Fein is a transmigrator who finds himself in a world filled with monsters and demons. Fortunately, he has a unique ability that allows him to upgrade his talents in everything. Alongside his companions Aoi, Sofia, and Voli, he uses his newfound abilities to fight against the dangerous foes that threaten the safety of humanity. In this world, humans and beasts alike use the powerful energy known as degu to fuel their abilities, which can strengthen their bodies and weapons. Beasts are ranked based on their rarity, with common, golden, legendary, mythical, and god-level beasts being the most powerful. However, despite their strength, the beasts are not invincible and must be carefully fought. Fein himself can understand the laws that enabled him to gain powers such as space manipulation and the all the laws such as time, darkness, light, death, fire, etc... Space Manipulation allows him to create and control rifts in space, warp reality, and move through time. Meanwhile, Aoi has the power of ice and snow, which can freeze her enemies and create powerful blizzards. Sofia uses her power of destruction, and Voli wields the power of lightning to strike his enemies with devastating bolts of electricity. As they face off against the dangerous demons and monsters that threaten their world, Fein and his companions must use their abilities and their wits to survive. The battles are intense and the stakes are high, as even the slightest mistake could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Will they be able to save their world and protect humanity from the dangers that lurk around every corner? Only time will tell. You can buy my priv: Extremely Low Price at: Tier 1: Advanced 2 chapters- 1 gold coins. Tier 2: Advanced 10 chapters- 100 gold coins. Tier 3: Advanced 20 chapters- 150 gold coins. Tier 4: Advanced 35 chapters- 200 gold coins. Tier 5: Advanced 50 chapters- 250 gold coins. Disclaimer: The cover is not mine. The art is rightfully owned by Jenny Ann. However, if the artist wants to communicate to take it down, please DM me on my Discord--- UnluckyGuy#3859

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This is not the first time I have read a work that has smooth character development (Since there's too many books that I read that has similar plots or else, but this one is good, ngl). Although the world-building was vague at the start, As the story goes it was gradually revealed. The interactions between the Main Characters are wholesome and the dialogues are so natural that it doesn't feel forced. What I like the most was how the MC constantly tried to improve his techniques and swordsmanship. I'd like to read more, and keep up the good work, Author~!!


Basically the story itself is extremely enjoyable however I had to reduce points becuase of the occasional bad grammar in the book it’s not super bad but especially in the earlier chapters it is noticeable. Another thing is around chapter 340-370 the story switches to a new group all of a sudden for those chapters which was super irritating and the overall arc 340-370 was apart of was by far the worst part of the book, so I ended up skimming past most of it. However the rest of the book is extremely enjoyable. Also there are some minor time skips in the story however the skips are well placed when the mc has, or is doing that’s about to overstay its welcome, also helps to make the story more logical which I appreciate. The mc himself is ruthless and smart, there hasn’t been I time in the story where has done something dumb, at least from what I remember am currently up to date (chapter 527). None of the side characters are annoying either and the mcs love interest is a decently written character, the system is also good and gives him stuff that is really good but not story breaking. Overall: Slight grammar issues, especially first 100ish chapters, really good story, aside from one arc, solid side characters, really solid mc, world background is logical and follows its rules, author has really well thought out and dealt with any inconsistencies, mc is op but not story breaking, and stuff just makes sense and works. Beginning 10 or so chapters don’t do the best introduction but trust me it’s worth getting thru. The story isn’t super original but the stuff it uses it uses in basically the best way possible.


One of my favourite novel so far. i The Mc is smart but it’s not like he knows everything; he is strong but still as weaknesses. He hides his power for good reason and he’s not like going nice on his enemies just to do a switch-arou at the end. The world is well build and it’s note like once he as a certain level of strength everybody aroud him get’s a power up as well. But it´s not perfect, the environment ins´t described enough in my opinion. Some chapter are underwhelming and it’s just description of character. But this point is not much of a problem since you can get the premium chapter for pretty cheaply compare to other way worse novel. So yeah an excellent novet in my opinion. But it is a personal opinion so take everything I say with a grain of salt. btw Autor you should add a romance tag because there is some in it. Ps: sorry for the grammar, english isn’t my main language.


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2M veiws with over 500 chapters, in the top 80 of privilege, but only has 33 reviews???


Reveal spoiler


Shameless Author's review... This story is about a Medieval World where people with different weird and interesting abilities exist. The World was suffering from the invasion of demons, and some hidden threats lurks that have the intent to bring the world into chaos. The madness and undercurrents would drown the whole world at any given time...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................