1 Game: 'Manifesting Everything'

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[Game system calibrating…]

[Scanning the World Environment…]


[Game initiation process completed.]

[Welcome to 'Manifesting Everything'.]

[Below are some instructions for the game.]

[During the game, the player can manifest into anything to experience the different joys of this world. At the same time, the player's arrival will bring about new life to everything in the game.]

[Currently, as part of the game's anti-addiction system, the game cannot be played for more than 12 hours a day even if you are an adult. Players will be kicked from the game once game time is fully utilized. We seek your understanding.]

[Your current game level is: Level 1]

[Every month, you may manifest into a lowly life form or object.]

[While in game, you can enjoy the buffs from the game's internal system.]

[Things to Note]

[As the game is designed to provide players with the best gaming experience, guiding missions will be given to players.]

[Guiding missions are not mandatory. You may choose whether you wish to follow the guide.]

[I wish you a great time here!]

Looking at the words that suddenly appeared in front of him, Ji Yu was stunned.

When he recovered, Ji Yu stretched out his hands in a daze, wanting to touch the words in front of him.

However, his hands passed through the text as it remained in its original position.

"Is this for real?"

Ji Yu appeared to be slightly bewildered.

As his emotions fluctuated rapidly, he immediately felt a tightness in his chest, and a strong metallic taste rose from his throat.

Out of habit, Ji Yu immediately sat up and took out two pieces of tissue from the packet on the bedside table to cover his mouth.

A soft cough and the tissue became stained with his blood.

He wiped his mouth lightly and looked at the blood on the tissue paper. Ji Yu frowned a little before casually throwing the bloodstained tissue into the rubbish bin beside the bed.

Ji Yu suffered from cavitary tuberculosis.

His CT scan showed that half of his left lung was white.

At the same time, the scan also showed that there were two black holes which were neither big nor small.

As of now, it has been three months since he had resigned from his job to recuperate, but results of the treatment had not been optimal.

According to the doctor, his speed of recovery was slow. If he went by the conservative method of treatment, he would need to take medicine for more than a year.

Therefore, other than the initial panic and fear he felt during the month the disease was diagnosed, he was already used to symptoms like the lack of strength, chest pains, and hemoptysis.

According to the doctor, he was not showing signs of drug resistance, so there was no need to worry too much.

In short, even if a serious drug resistance developed later on, he would not be dying within a short period of time.

Since it's not cancer, what was there to be afraid of?

In conclusion, Ji Yu was open-minded and treated this recuperation period as a time to relax.

If he was not feeling well, he would sleep. When he is awake, he would watch videos or play games and experience the 'chill' life that he had always wanted.

Finding joy through hardships was probably used to describe something like this.

However, there was something different about his 'chill' life today.

And this something was the introduction to this so-called game, 'Manifesting Everything', which appeared in his eyes.

[Would you like to enter the game?]

[Once the game starts, you will be receiving a random new manifestation to experience every month.]

[Please confirm: Yes / No]

All of a sudden, the words in Ji Yu's eyes changed and a notification appeared.

"Manifesting Everything…"

Ji Yu took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Getting up from bed.

After washing up and eating some bread, he followed through with his daily routine. When night approached, he laid back onto his bed somewhat breathlessly.


[Player has chosen to play. The game is about to begin.]

[Retrieving your manifestation…]

[The range of selection has been determined. From the player's planet, a lowly life form or object is being randomly selected…]

[Random selection completed. Player is entering the game!]

All of a sudden.

Ji Yu felt a wave of dizziness washing over him. In the blink of an eye, the view in front of him changed to that of outer space.

From what he could see, the familiar blue planet was below him.

Then, without any warning, Ji Yu's field of vision began to narrow.

Because he was rapidly descending…

As he was falling, Ji Yu's field of vision quickly locked onto a green area near the equator like an electronic lens.

The descent became even faster.

At this point, Ji Yu felt dizzy, and his vision went dark.

It seemed only like an instant. When Ji Yu opened his eyes again, it was to an unfamiliar ground environment.

"I'm at…?"

The strange panoramic field of vision made Ji Yu curious for a while, but this curiosity was soon interrupted by the peculiar scene around him.

This was a lush primeval forest.

He looked around. The surrounding forest which spanned the lands was like a green ocean with no end in sight.

Being in such a forest like this, it was obvious how eerie it was.

However, the place which Ji Yu's field of vision could see was not eerie. Of course, it was not deserted as well.

That was because the lush forest and weeds around Ji Yu's field of vision had evidently been cleared by someone.

At the same time, at the bottom of Ji Yu's field of vision, there was a gravel path about 10 meters wide and 100 meters long.

On both sides of this barely flat gravel path were giant oak trees.

These oak trees were about 20 meters tall and their branches have obviously been purposefully trimmed by humans. As a result, most of the branches extended over the gravel path, blocking out most of the scorching sunlight.

At a glance, the oak trees and gravel path seemed to be for some kind of ritual.

Of course, that was not what surprised Ji Yu the most.

What surprised Ji Yu the most was his current identity. He was actually a massive oak tree bigger than the rest and was situated at the very front of this gravel path.

[Manifestation: Oak Tree]

[Note: Manifestation is losing its vitality.] (7 hours, 24 minutes, and 39 seconds till the oak tree dies completely)

[Guiding Mission (Stage 1): Please try your best to picture the scene of a tree trying its hardest to absorb nutrients from the soil. Rewards will be given based on the depth of your imagination and the time spent.]

"Not only am I an oak tree, I'm a dying oak tree?"

Casting his glance down, Ji Yu observed his so-called manifestation and the view beneath it. He felt somewhat strange.

The oak tree that Ji Yu had manifested into was about 50 meters tall, and its trunk was at least 7 meters thick.

But this gargantuan oak tree was clearly different from the shorter oak trees on both sides of the gravel path.

Bare branches, drying bark, and severe decay on the roots hidden beneath the soil were all indicative that this oak tree was near the end of its life.

However, the death of this oak tree was clearly something the natives of this place were unwilling to accept.

Therefore, using their own methods, these natives tried to save their 'sacred object'.

Right now, there was a mottled stone platform beneath the giant oak tree that Ji Yu manifested into.

And on this high platform, a wild boar with thick, long tusks was being pressed down and stabbed in the neck by several tribal men whose faces were smeared with an unknown paint.

Fresh blood flowed through the grooves of the platform, smoothly entering a one meter wide blood pool in front of Ji Yu's enormous oak tree.

The dark red blood in the pool was almost solidified. There were many bugs and flies flying around. A single glance was enough to make Ji Yu feel uncomfortable.

A blood ritual!

What Ji Yu saw was exactly how blood rituals were described in most films.

The struggling wild boar slowly lost its breath, and all its blood flowed into the blood pool directly under the oak tree.

Then, an older tribesman wearing a feathered crown and holding an oak staff began chanting something which Ji Yu could not understand.

Under the chanting of the tribe elder, hundreds of tribesmen kneeled on the gravel path as they continuously bowed and shouted something.

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