I Can Incarnate Everything Book

novel - Sci-fi

I Can Incarnate Everything

the Sea for the Moon

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  • 40 Chs

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[Welcome to 'Manifesting Everything'.] [In this game, the player can manifest into anything to experience the different joys of this world.] [While in-game, you can enjoy the buffs from the game's internal system.] [Would you like to begin?] [Please confirm: Yes / No ] [Player has chosen to play. The game is about to begin.] [I wish you a great time here!] Entering the game and feeling tense yet curious, Ji Yu's entire worldview is about to be flipped upside down. As the Purple Moon rises, the world gradually turns stranger, but all of this... is only just the beginning. Join Ji Yu as he embarks on a journey through his different manifestations to discover the secrets hidden by the world, and possibly more.

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