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I Build Warships in the Game


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I enjoy this. Still trying to determine which country he lives in; it's between the Philippines and Chile, which has the city Santiago. Keep it going pls.


honestly the story makes me cringe. I read the first 5 chapters and it is just your run of the mill "My country" great, west bad type of book. Isn't interesting.


I'm still not reading this but I will either way review this book for now. I will change this review later and will have an appropriate comment on this book.


This story has already been told... I have this same story by the same author in my library but strangely I can no longer access its synopsis / table of contents, neither on my cell phone nor on the computer, too bad. Although its chapters reach 146 this remastering has already surpassed it, in my humble opinion it should have the other one visible to other people and update it a little like 3 chapters a month, which is less than its paid remastering that only reaches about 40 or 46... a pity because I don't have paypal and the other method is not available in my country. The name of the story I mentioned? Building Warships in the Game


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