I became Voldemort

Cyrus traveled to the world of Harry Potter and thought that splendid magic was waiting for him. Unexpectedly, he replaced Voldemort's soul in the diary and became "Tom Riddle". Cyrus: Damn it, I've become Voldemort! Days passed. During the days when he stayed in the diary, Cyrus continued to learn and digest Riddle’s knowledge, waiting for the opportunity of resurrection. It wasn’t until the summer of 1992 that Ginny Weasley wrote down words in her diary for the first time… "Dear Diary....." ______ Author/Editor: I'm editing and changing things from the starting without changing the plot. I'll start changing stuff from ch 80 from the original fanfic and will try to give it a well-deserved ending! Thank you for reading Read Ahead on: pat reon.com/HornyFBI _______ Original MTL name: HOGWARTS: OOPS, I'M VOLDEMORT

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Chapter 84: I still want to live

"And I was unable to use mind-related spells on you. Alas, what a pity.. I am sorry Mr. 'Cyrus' but you need to die..."

As Dumbledore spoke, Cyrus's heart sank. The realization that Dumbledore saw him as nothing more than a threat to his grand plans filled him with a sense of dread.

"..Yes, reality is different than fiction... but don't think I'll go down without fighting back!" He knew that he had to fight for his life, even if it meant facing off against one of the most powerful wizards in the world.

With a flick of his wand, Cyrus sent a barrage of killing curses hurtling towards Dumbledore, each one aimed with deadly precision.

But the elder wizard moved and dodged with ease,

"Oh, your curses are stronger than the previous time. " Old Bee said while effortlessly dodging each curse with graceful movements of his elder wand that belied his age.

Cyrus knew that using his Philosepher's stone was the only way if he wanted to survive, although his stone was weaker and if he used it to do magic he could lessen his living years, he still decided to use it.

He Knew that he had to pull out all the stops if he wanted to stand a chance against Dumbledore.

"Fuck it!"

Ignoring the consequences, Cyrus reached deep within himself and tapped into the power of his Philosopher's Stone.

Stomping his feet on the ground, Cyrus focused his will, channeling his magic into the earth beneath him. And in response to his command, a massive spike of earth erupted from the floor, just below where Dumbledore stood with unstoppable force.

Caught off guard by the sudden attack, Dumbledore stumbled backward, his expression one of confusion and surprise. But even as he dodged the first spike, more followed in rapid succession, each one aimed in between his legs.

For the first time since the battle began, Cyrus allowed himself a small smile. Seeing Dumbledore sweat as he frantically dodged the barrage of earth spikes gave him a glimmer of hope.

It seemed that he might just have a chance to survive after all.

'I think I can distract him like this and then can escape... maybe a little bit more..'

But even as he pressed his advantage, Cyrus knew that he couldn't afford to let his guard down.

Cyrus squinted his gaze and suddenly violet flowers with yellow spots bloomed on top of the spikes and as Dumbledore looked at one of them, he saw that all the flowers twitched and started emitting a green-colored gas.


Dumbledore's eyes widened with curiosity and intrigue as he witnessed the impressive display of magic unleashed by Cyrus. With a flick of his wand all the flowers died becoming darker.

"Ho Ho, what is this magic?" Dumbledore exclaimed, his voice tinged with genuine fascination. "Is this really the magic of the stone?" he questioned, his eyes sparkling with interest.

He took a step toward Cyrus. With a swift incantation, he cast the "Diffindo" spell, slicing through the earth spikes with effortless precision. 

The floor was flattened once again.

The sudden destruction of his attack caught Cyrus off guard, and he hissed in frustration at the thwarted attempt. Despite his best efforts, it seemed that Dumbledore's skill and experience were more than a match.

"Hmm, You are more dangerous but because you have just acquired that power, it seems you aren't capable of handling it precisely and doing more things" 

With a flick of his wand, he cast the "Expelliarmus" spell and disarmed Cyrus' wand. The force of the spell also hit Cyrus, sending him flying backward.

"Ugh! This old fart!" But Cyrus backflipped in the air and called his wand as his wand materialized in his hand.

Without hesitation, Cyrus began shouting the killing curse like crazy.

"Avada Kedavra"

"Avada Kedavra"

"Avada Kedavra"

/Earth Spikes!/

/Earth Spikes!/

Simultaneously conjuring spikes below Dumbledore. He didn't know any thing else than to use the earth spikes as he had never trained this alchemy power.

Sensing the danger, Dumbledore quickly reacted. With a swift incantation, he cast a protective barrier around himself to deflect the curses. But Cyrus was relentless, his spells raining down upon Dumbledore with relentless intensity.

With a silent incantation, Cyrus cast "Nebulus," the Fogging Spell, shrouding the room in a dense mist using a lot of power from his core.

The fog thickened around them, obscuring their surroundings, with Cyrus' eyes turning to red color with big horizontal pupils.

Dumbledore wasted no time in responding, a wave of his wand, he conjured a powerful Firestorm.

Cyrus was not ideal either as he quickly cast the Protego Diabolica.

Firestorm clashed with Protego Diabolica. The intense heat of the fire began to dispel the thick fog, clearing the room of the obscuring mist.

As the fog cleared, revealing the charred remains of the earth spikes and the scorch marks left by the flames, Dumbledore scanned the room, his keen eyes searching for any sign of his opponent. But to his surprise, Cyrus was nowhere to be seen.

Dumbledore furrowed his brow, his blue eyes narrowing as he sensed a presence behind him. With a swift turn, he faced behind him, his wand at the ready.

But what he saw caught him off guard.


Dumbledore's heart skipped a beat as he locked eyes with the figure standing before him, the two different-colored orbs gazing back at him with a mixture of familiarity and intensity. One eye was a deep, soul-piercing black, while the other gleamed with a haunting paleness.

In that moment, Dumbledore felt as though time had come to a standstill. Memories of days long past flooded his mind, memories of a younger self and a love that had once consumed him entirely.

"Gellert..." Dumbledore whispered, the name escaping his lips in a breathless whisper.

But the figure before him, with its aged features and blond hair, didn't move.

Dumbledore calmed himself as his blue eyes regained their calmness, he looked at the figure, a perfect alive-looking statue of his.. friend.. whose base was coming out of the earth spike.

It seemed Cyrus had managed to fool the white wizard in this moment.

Dumbledore looked at his surroundings but then noticed a dark cloud floating in the sky from the big gap in the room's roof.

"It seems he managed to escape..."

Dumbledore muttered, still looking at the perfect statue of Gellert Grindelwald with an unscrutinized expression of sorrow and longing.


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