I became Voldemort

Cyrus traveled to the world of Harry Potter and thought that splendid magic was waiting for him. Unexpectedly, he replaced Voldemort's soul in the diary and became "Tom Riddle". Cyrus: Damn it, I've become Voldemort! Days passed. During the days when he stayed in the diary, Cyrus continued to learn and digest Riddle’s knowledge, waiting for the opportunity of resurrection. It wasn’t until the summer of 1992 that Ginny Weasley wrote down words in her diary for the first time… "Dear Diary....." ______ Author/Editor: I'm editing and changing things from the starting without changing the plot. I'll start changing stuff from ch 80 from the original fanfic and will try to give it a well-deserved ending! Thank you for reading Read Ahead on: pat reon.com/HornyFBI _______ Original MTL name: HOGWARTS: OOPS, I'M VOLDEMORT

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Chapter 2: Cyrus’ Resurrection Plan

Cyrus couldn't see anything outside or hear any sounds, but he could feel the diary being violently closed, which made him a little anxious.

"Ginny won't be discovered, right?"

He didn't know when Tom Riddle in the original book started communicating with Ginny Weasley. However, he believed that as long as Ginny started writing any word in the diary, Tom Riddle would never give up the opportunity to communicate with her.

Therefore, since Tom Riddle in the original work was not discovered, he should not be exposed so soon. As for why the other party suddenly closed the book and disappeared, there may be other reasons, and now he can only wait.

Ever since Cyrus transmigrated to the diary, he has been waiting for this opportunity.

In order to be resurrected, he can be as patient as one needs to be. In fact, he initially made two plans, depending on who would open the diary.

If Lucius Malfoy had opened the diary, he would have directly asked him to find a few dark wizards and use their life force to resurrect him.

But now it seems that perhaps when Voldemort handed the diary to Malfoy, he only told him that the diary could open the Chamber of Secrets, but did not tell him about the Horcruxes.

Now, Cyrus can only continue to follow Tom Riddle's original resurrection plan - absorb the life force of the little wizard, and then use it to start affecting reality, and finally achieve resurrection!

Of course, he is not Tom Riddle, so the duel with Harry in the Chamber of Secrets can be completely omitted. On the contrary, he could take advantage of this gap and escape before Dumbledore was recalled to the school by the school directors.

Overall, this is a good plan. The important thing is that no one will die in the process. Even Filch's cat, Mrs. Norris, will be alive and well in the end. Except for those cocks that Ginny choked to death, of course.

In this regard, Cyrus could only say that he was sorry to Kunkun.

Of course, there are dangers in this plan, and the biggest danger is naturally Dumbledore. But other than that, he has no better way. He didn't have legs, and if he wasn't taken to Hogwarts by Ginny, there was nowhere else to go. What's more, how can the little wizards outside be as easy to deceive as the trolls in Hogwarts' forest?

As long as you have an entity, it will not be difficult to leave Hogwarts with the powerful basilisk. After leaving Hogwarts, the safety factor will be greatly enhanced. Even if Dumbledore knew it was him who was doing the trick, he probably wouldn't be able to find his trace.

As for confessing to Dumbledore, Cyrus discarded the idea as soon as he thought of it.

Dumbledore in his right mind would not trust someone who stood in front of him with Tom Riddle's face.

He would only think that Voldemort wanted to play tricks in front of him, especially after the failure to steal the Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone in the previous school year, and maybe he was planning some other trick.


Ginny walked down the stairs quickly and saw Harry talking and laughing with Ron at the dining table.

She immediately blushed and lowered her head, pretending to be a lady and sitting quietly on the chair.

The other members of the Weasley family were not surprised by this, and Ginny had been in this state ever since Fred and George secretly drove away the magic car to pick up Harry. Harry was not familiar with Ginny. He just thought that Ron's little sister was a bit weird and not very talkative.

Harry briefly greeted her and immediately concentrated on the food on the table.

At the Burrow, his food was much better than at the Dursleys. Almost every meal he ate was so full that he couldn't help but worry about whether he would gain a few pounds before school started again.

Perhaps the Quidditch team would refuse to keep him as Seeker due to his fat belly?

However, these days, he had played 'family Quidditch' with several other members of the Weasley family from time to time. It was obvious that his skills had not deteriorated, which made Harry relax a lot.

After dinner, Ginny walked quickly back to her room, locked the door from the inside, and made sure no one could come in.

Then she walked to the desk and carefully placed her hand on the diary. She hadn't paid much attention to it before, but then she realized that the book did look a lot older. The black cover was a little faded, but it was very smooth.

'Although old, it is not shabby at all.'

There was a date and some other name printed on the cover, which looked a bit like a publishing house or something.

"Is this a diary from fifty years ago?"

Fifty years is a very long time, especially since the owner of the book has experienced such a terrifying era.

Perhaps this Mr. Tom Riddle is dead?

Ginny couldn't help but think.

She took a deep breath and opened the book, but the previous sentence that she had no time to read had disappeared.

She waited for a moment, and no letters appeared in the book.

Maybe he won't know what's going on outside the book.

Thinking this way, Ginny was less worried about this diary. At least for now, it seems harmless.

So she picked up the quill again, dipped it in ink, and started writing.

Inside the diary, Cyrus waited impatiently for Ginny to respond to him again. He couldn't do anything now.

His heart felt anxious, like being gently scratched by a fluffy kitten's claws. Those mysterious spells in the past, profound potions, and wonderful transformations were not able to contain his attention anymore.

He seemed like a husband and father anxiously waiting for his wife and child in the aisle of the delivery room.

Now, the "child" he had been waiting for was finally born.

"Hello Mr. Riddle, are you still here? My mother came over just now, and I don't know if I should tell her about you."

Cyrus' excited heart calmed down in an instant. Obviously, this was the most critical moment. Did he gain Ginny's trust so that his plan could continue, or was he discovered through the trick and embarked on a path of destruction?

'To say no directly may arouse suspicion, and then it will be counterproductive. '

He didn't dare to think for too long and responded after a moment:

"Of course. In fact, you should do just that. Any wizard should be wary of magic items unless they really confirm that it is worthy of their trust. To be honest, I thought you had checked it in advance before communicating with me. Well. Fortunately, what you got was my diary. If it were "The Wizard's Sonnets", you might be in danger."

"You're right Mr. Riddle. I don't want to be limited to limericks from now on. Of course, I think Mr. Riddle is trustworthy."

Seeing her own response, Ginny immediately giggled, remembering that she had muttered Harry Potter's name specifically to verify whether she was cursed. But precisely because of this, it seems that this diary is not one of those evil magic props.


'It's caring about my well-being!'

Ginny's eyes sparkled.

"Of course, I won't do something as cruel as those dark wizards. In fact, I was one of the best students when I was at Hogwarts. I was a prefect and later served as the president of the student union. During my time at school, I also won the award for my special contribution to the school. I think that medal is still in the prize display room to this day!" Cyrus hinted that he was trustworthy and changed the subject.

"Really? You sound just like Percy." Ginny replied in surprise, "But he hasn't become the student union president yet, and he hasn't won any special contribution award."

"Who is Percy?"

"It's my brother. He was the prefect of Gryffindor last year. He also got twelve O.W.L. certificates, but he is a bit boring."

By this time Ginny was almost convinced that the diary was harmless.

"I think there is no need for me to tell Mom about you, what do you think?"

'Keke, just this last sentence, and everything will be set!' Cyrus suppressed his inner joy and wrote 'earnestly', "Sometimes it's fun to have a little secret of your own."


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