I became Voldemort

Cyrus traveled to the world of Harry Potter and thought that splendid magic was waiting for him. Unexpectedly, he replaced Voldemort's soul in the diary and became "Tom Riddle". Cyrus: Damn it, I've become Voldemort! Days passed. During the days when he stayed in the diary, Cyrus continued to learn and digest Riddle’s knowledge, waiting for the opportunity of resurrection. It wasn’t until the summer of 1992 that Ginny Weasley wrote down words in her diary for the first time… "Dear Diary....." ______ Author/Editor: I'm editing and changing things from the starting without changing the plot. I'll start changing stuff from ch 80 from the original fanfic and will try to give it a well-deserved ending! Thank you for reading Read Ahead on: pat reon.com/HornyFBI _______ Original MTL name: HOGWARTS: OOPS, I'M VOLDEMORT

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Chapter 10: Ginny’s Suspicion

*Knock-knock* Dear mate, could you throw some stones on me..?



The next morning, Ginny covered her head and crawled out of bed.

She felt a little groggy as if she hadn't had any rest. But she knew that she couldn't lie down like this anymore.

If she slept for a while longer, the class would probably start.

So she quickly sat up, started to get dressed, combed her hair, and then went to wash up.

But when she came back from the shower to get her textbooks, she found that her roommates were still asleep on the bed as she checked one by one.

"Hey! Get up quickly, or you will be late for the class." She shouted.

However, a head popped out from the curtain of the bed next door: "Ginny, are you talking in your sleep? Today is the weekend!"

"Weekend?" Ginny's eyes widened.

How could it be the weekend?

She clearly remembered that it was Thursday when she went to bed yesterday...? What was happening..?

Did he sleep all day?

Or is it true that in this world of magic, she had skipped a day and come to the future?

"Of course, it's the weekend. Wasn't yesterday Friday? You said you weren't feeling well and asked Colin to ask for leave for you. Is it possible that you haven't recovered yet? Do you want to go to the campus hospital for a checkup? or do we need to send you to Saint M—" Several roommates immediately asked with concern. 

"Forget it!" Ginny stopped them.

"It's okay! m... maybe I remembered it wrong." Ginny scratched her hair, slowly sat back on the edge of the bed, and turned her gaze to her small desk.

There was nothing on the desk, but the diary was hidden in the drawer.

'Is it you? Mr. Riddle? '

Although she had a little doubt in her mind, Ginny kept the matter in her heart.

At this point, if she were to tell her parents about the diary, she would definitely be scolded. She didn't want to receive a shouting letter while eating. If that happened—No! She would rather die than receive a howler!

On the other hand, Ginny didn't want to believe that "Mr. Riddle" would hurt her.

Just like now, 'Although I have lost a small part of my memory, I don't seem to be harmed.'

'Perhaps Mr. Riddle has another reason? ' She wanted to open the diary immediately and figure everything out, but when she put her hands on the drawer, she was a little afraid.

She was afraid that it was all false, and that from the first day, "Mr. Riddle" was just trying to gain her trust.

I regard Mr. Riddle as a friend and tell him all my secrets. If I am really betrayed, what should I do?

Thinking of this, Ginny suddenly realized that she didn't know anything about "Mr. Riddle".

She had only seen the other's glory in the medal room, but what about everything else?

What kind of person is Tom Riddle?

He looked so good in those photos, maybe like Percy?

No, he was much more interesting than Percy, and not as rigid.

Ginny thought about how "Mr. Riddle" instigated her to violate some trivial school rules these days, which was indeed interesting, he also taught her many little curses that could not be learned in textbooks, saying that they should be of help to her when she's in middle of a conflict with others.

Come on! Comparing him with Percy was wrong!

'He is not grumpy like Percy at all, but his nature is a lot like Bill. ' Ginny thought this way, and the more she thought about it, the happier she became.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was impossible for "Mr. Riddle" to hurt her. But in this way, the question returns to the starting point!

Was she really ill yesterday or was it really "Mr. Riddle" who is up to something..? And if so, why is he doing it?

'And should I continue to communicate with Mr. Riddle?'


All kinds of problems bothered Ginny and made her a little irritable. She wanted to go back to sleep, but she couldn't sleep at all.

So she simply got up and walked silently to the common room.

"Hey, Ginny.. *Yawn~*" Ron stopped her with his eyes dazed, "Can you help me call Hermione? Harry went to practice Quidditch this morning. We plan to go over and have a look. You can also come with us."

"Oh, okay, but I'm not in the mood right now." Ginny just nodded and turned to find Hermione's dormitory.

A few minutes later, Ginny and Hermione hurried down together.

"Are you really not coming with us, Ginny?" Ron looked more awake now.

He was a little confused. His sister usually admired Harry so much and wanted to keep her eyes on Harry all the time, but now, she didn't seem to be so interested in Harry.

'Haa, this is not surprising.' Ron thought.

Putting aside those legends, Harry is actually just an ordinary wizard. Ron himself also realized this in the process of getting along with him. Of course, after taking off the cloak of legend, Harry is still a great friend, at least much better than that idiot Lockhart!

Ginny pondered for a moment.

"Umm...", She was really not in the mood at first, thinking that "Mr. Riddle" would make her feel more cheerful from time to time and was much better than Harry, but she suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with going to see Harry's practice with Ron and Hermione.

It just so happened that she had nothing to do now because she found that when she was unconscious, "Mr. Riddle" had thoughtfully completed all her homework for the weekend...

"All right." She finally decided to go with them.

The three of them first went to the hall to bring some food and then went to the playground together.

The Quidditch stands were empty, with almost no one there, well, no spectators would come to watch someone practicing in the morning but no one was on the field as well.

When they got to the stands, they saw Colin holding up his camera and taking photos everywhere crazily.

The three of them sat together, and the morning fog on the playground had not completely dispersed.

After a while,

"Look, some people finally showed up," Hermione said.

Harry and other team members came out wearing uniforms.

'It looks like he's about to start training again.' Ron was surprised at the intensity of his Quidditch practice, as Harry had set off before dawn.

"You haven't finished practicing yet?"

"Not finished yet? No! It hasn't started yet!" Harry shook his head and said, "Wood has been talking about tactics for several hours, and I'm already going crazy with hunger."

"Would you like something to eat?" Ginny handed out the bread in her hand. She didn't have much appetite.

"Now, everyone! Come to the center!" Wood's voice came.

He was a little excited, but Wood didn't intend to give him time to eat.

Harry kicked off his feet and flew into the sky on his Nimbus 2000.

But the training was interrupted almost before it started.

Because Colin was holding the camera and filming them like crazy, which made Wood very unhappy.

"Why is that kid taking pictures of our practice?" He suspected that this kid was a spy sent by Slytherin to get information about their new tactics!

"Slytherin doesn't need spies, dude," George said helplessly.

"how do you know?" Oliver Wood looked at George.

"Because they can see on their own." Gorge pointed toward a direction.

Several people in green robes walked into the stadium, holding broomsticks in their hands.

It was the team of their old enemy "Slytherin". Wood flew down angrily, and the two teams immediately erupted into a strong smell of conflict.

"Haa, what's going on now?" Hermione asked Ron.

Hermione's slightly worried voice made Ginny look toward the newly arrived group.

"What's wrong, Ron?" She also asked.

"They're quarreling! Let's go over there and take a look!" Ron jumped down immediately. He thought that if a conflict really broke out, he couldn't just sit back and watch!

When they rushed downstairs, Ron and Hermione looked at the man with platinum-blond hair in the Slytherin team in surprise.

——Draco Malfoy.

Of course, Ginny also knew him. It was this platinum boy's father who fought with her own father at Flourish and Blotts Bookstore during the summer vacation.


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