Glossary(More details will be added as we go.)

BDS - Before Dawn of Solis

ADS - After Dawn of Solis

The story begins from 5100ADS.

Sylvester Maximilian - Main character. Golden-blonde hair and golden eyes. 

Xavia Maximilian - Sylvester's mother in the new world. Red hair and blue eyes. 

Sir Adrik Dolorem - Aide to Sylvester. Bald, dark-skinned, and blue eyes. 

Chonky/Miraj - Cat

Felix Sandwell - Secondary Main Character, black hair, black eyes, and tall. 

Markus Lionis - Secondary Main Character, Brown-haired, and black eyes. Thin and small build. 

Gabriel Maxwell - Secondary Main Character, Dirt-red hair, blue eyes, and very thin. 

Isabella Gracia - Secondary Main Character. Blonde hair, grey eyes, very pretty. 

Lazark Kul Mizar  - Third Tier Main Character. Bald, hairless and pale skin. 

Elyon Mizar - Third Tier Main Character. Tiger Beastkin. 


Pope Axel Tar Kreed - Current Head of the Church of Solis.

Saint Sceptre - Pope's Right hand or second in command.

Saint Wazir(Cardinal Ethias Lovecraft) - Pope's Chief Political Advisor (left hand) || Old man, white hair, dark blue eyes, long beard. A long cut on the man's right eyebrow. 

Saint Seer(Cardinal Roman Vas Zenim) - Pope's Chief Spymaster 

Inquisitor High Lord/Saint at Arms - Church's Entire Military General.

Saint Keymaster(Cardinal Helix Steelworth) - Pope's Chief Economist 

Saint Medico(Cardinal Charles Nos Leeds) - Pope's Chief Healer


Name of the Continent - Sol

Locations in it are - Holy Land, Gracia Kingdom, Riveria Kingdom, Highland Kingdom, The Patch Grand Duchy, Sorrow Kingdom, The Divine Desert, Masan Empire, and the Warsong Kingdom. 


Ranks of Wizards and Knights (Check this para comment to see the image.)

Ranks of Holy Army (Check this para comment to see the image.)

Ranks of Inquisitors(Check this para comment to see the image.)


Ranks of the Church - Lowest to Highest

Faith Learners - Newly interested in the faith.

Deacons - Blow Priests, usually the students who have officially just begun.

Priest/Battle Priest - Authority or power to perform and administer religious rites. Usually work under Archpriests in Monasteries.

Archpriests - Archpriest is the title for a priest who has supervisory duties over a village or town. (Sire) 

Bishops - Every Viscounty has a Bishop. Hold authority over the area's monasteries and their administrative and religious duties. (My Lord)

Archbishops - High Rank, each County has at least one main leading Archbishop. They are well versed in all sorts of rituals, holy magic, and battle magic. But their Wizard or Knight ranks can vary.(Your Grace)

Cardinals - Archbishops with a specific purpose appointed by the Church itself. These outrank all Archbishops and are akin to Kings. Held by no laws other than those of the Church. In all cases, they must be at least Master Wizard or Golden Knight. (His Eminence)

POPE - Leader of the Church, ruler of all faithful. Strongest being in the Church usually. Top decision maker. (Your Holiness, Holy Father, His Holiness.)


Nobility Ranks - 









Powers are graded in terms of their destructiveness. Highest to lowest. 


Missions/Jobs/Quests/Assignments are also similarly graded in terms of difficulty. Highest to lowest.


Various Weapons/Staff/Magic-Items are also graded. Worst to best.



Guardians of Light - Highest defenders of the church. There are 10 in total. Includes images of those introduced in the story. 

1st - The Silver Mist, Niel Grey. 

2nd - Bloodrain, Magnus Constantine

3rd - Crimson Fire

4th - Soul Breaker, Zackmund Koff Xerxes

5th - Grandpa Monk

6th - Winter Ghost(dead)

7th - Blackfire

8th - Faithwalker 

9th - Thunderfall, Lady Aurora Foxtron

10th - Headmaster Gerald


Scents and what they mean. 

Anger - Burning Pungent feeling that leaves an aftertaste on the tongue and nose.

Rage - Feels spicy, depending on the intensity of anger.

Disgust - Simple sharp smell akin to a rotten egg.

Death  - So bitter your nose and tongue and even breathing feel bitter. Denatonium and Bitterex.

Jealousy - Sour + Salty, depends on intensity.

Lie - Sour

Hate - Bitter with a slight burning sensation.

Doubt - Fluctuating smell of sweetness and sourness.

Pleasant/Happiness - Can vary with intensity. It will give a pleasantly sweet taste with no flavour.

Excitement - Sharp nose tingling sweet aroma of boiling caramel.

Love - The aroma of rose and freshness of spring combined. The feeling of taking a lung full of breath in a mountain fresh breeze.

Lust - Aroma of Rose and sweat combined(Adoration is without sweat).

Surprise  - A tangy pinch flavour on the tongue. 

Worship - A pleasant heating sensation on the tongue with a smell of tulip. 

Sadness/broken - Foul smell of rotting meat.

Fear - Chills and vibrations on his tongue with no smell. 

Clam Peace - Smell of Lavender and feeling of freshness of mint in mouth and nose.

Anxiety - Tasted like tangerines 

Hope - Sunflowers, a gentle breeze with the smell of sunflowers.

Admiration - Smell of Cloves 

Narcissism - Smell of cloves and roses. 

Suicidal - Emptiness in the mouth, as if there is no air, no smell, nothing in the air. It's just dryness all around. The strange thing was, it was raining.

Refreshed mind/Chill/Relaxed. - Smell of sand in fresh rain.

Good and bad at the same time - The smell of durian. 

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