695 694. The Richest

Sylvester finished his short visit to the new City of Maximilia and decided to head back to the Holy Land the very next day. Thoroughly impressed by the results of all the advancements he had designed for the city, he now wished to implement it around the entire continent of Sol. 

However, it was no easy feat. Implementing everything in new cities was easier than those old ones with their broken down infrastructures and narrow streets. But magic was a thing, and he was going to use it to the fullest. 

"Your Holiness, this is the most recent report on Leyon the Conqueror." Gabriel came running as soon as he smelled Sylvester entering the Pope's Palace. It was expected by Sylvester at that point. 

"Did you place some spying instrument in my office or what? How do you always know when I'm back?" Sylvester asked him while taking the file from him. 

Gabriel shrugged proudly, "I ordered the guards to inform me as soon as you appear." 


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