693 692. Paying A Visit

Sylvester was taken aback by the announcement. A city named after him, and it wasn't just any city but the capital of Gracia Kingdom. 

"Maximilia?" Sylvester muttered and looked at the people. "Would they agree with this? I hope this won't become a thing that divides your people politically." 

Sylvester had seen it happen too many times in his past life. He had no doubt that there were people who weren't that into the faith and didn't hold much love for the Pope. So, would they be happy living in a city named after a Pope? 

"Just look at them, Your Holiness," Isabella insisted, gesturing towards the crowd. "They love you. This Kingdom exists because of you. Because of your sacrifices, Masan wasn't able to ruin this land. Because of you, my elder brother couldn't take over this Kingdom. Now, this city stands with all its luxuries."


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