692 691. A City Was Born

"You wish to take more of my flesh?" 

Nehilius sounded almost faintly surprised when Sylvester came with a massive bucket this time, wishing to store it well. This had been the second time he had appeared in the past two weeks, and it was a speed he didn't expect. 

Sylvester nodded and created a blade from his pure magic, the magic of creation, to manipulate elements. Right away, he started chopping various parts of the massive body in wonder if different parts would taste different. 

"I understand how helpful your flesh is for me, Lord Nehilius. I don't wish to waste time anymore and focus on gaining more strength. We never know when the Primordial Gods would strike. I don't have a naive belief that they wouldn't know what I'm doing. Saint Scepter's magic only hides me, but they can still see the rest of the world and its development," Sylvester talked while working and moving around. 


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