683 682. Wasted Beauty

"Hehe… One more fishy… so fishy fish… ehe…"

Sylvester didn't sleep, but he did rest his body on the bed. As the morning birds started chirping outside, he started getting annoyed by Miraj's strange sleep talking. He genuinely felt interested in what the heck the furball dreamt of. 

On top of that, Miraj had the bad habit of snuggling near his neck, which made all his little snores audible. 

"Wake up, Chonky. It's time to get back to work. We'll go and see how Felix's night went," Sylvester got out of bed. "I'll start finishing the urgent work as well. Let's start the countdown to head into the Demon Realm. Perhaps ten months? That should be enough to gain a few more levels in the Supreme Wizard rank."


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