681 680. Standing Before True Talent

"Fusion bomb? What is that?" Intrigued at the destruction, Julius asked while rubbing his old beard. "This is akin to a strong attack from a Supreme Wizard." 

Sylvester rubbed his forehead, sweating. The last thing he wanted was for normal people to learn how to make nukes. "I'm beyond annoyed at this." 


He knocked on Cardinal Jinn and Robert's heads and made them sit down on their knees for interrogation. Exhausted and dirty, they didn't dare look into Sylvester's eyes for fear of further enraging him. 

"Does anyone else know what you did? Or how you did it?" Sylvester asked. 

"No. It was just us two experimenting. Most can't understand what's written in your books, Your Holiness. They're still going through the intermediate books," Cardinal Robert explained, apologizing. "We didn't know it would cause such destruction. Something small and yet—this marvelous."


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