671 670. The Fear Of Fleeting Time

They soon arrived at the Holy Land. But Sylvester didn't stop by the Pope's Palace and instead went straight to his home. He took his five students along as it was time for Xavia to meet his godson and adopted daughter, who were going to live with them. 

Even Emara was given a place in the same building as she only had two little kids with her. Meanwhile, Noby and Noah were provided a place in a different area. It was still not too far from him, as their duties involved being around him on many occasions. 

Sylvester led them up the stairs to the top floor and knocked on the door. He had already informed Xavia about his arrival, so she was able to prepare dinner with a few helpful Bright Mothers. He was the Pope, so the Bright Mothers didn't have to worry about not going to work that day.

"Your Holiness!" 


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