655 654. Shouldn't Have Said That 

Sylvester felt the hostility in the air and unleashed a storm of manipulated solarium in the air while staying seated. The solarium was heavy enough to be noticeable by everyone in the room, making it harder for them to breathe or even move, as their senses kept screaming that they stood at the jaws of death. 

"I won't repeat it—sit down," Sylvester ordered, lacking the usual relaxed and kind tone to his words. "I made an offer to Julius when we fought at Mount Primis. The church wronged him and many others throughout history. Hence, I invited him to watch as I change the world for the better—he will not serve the light or the faith, but rather, he shall serve the people of this world. If something happens to me, Julius and Emperor Raz will ensure no new Pope ruins the world as those in the past did." 

"But… You're just twenty-seven," Felix exclaimed as he took his seat. "You're going to be the Pope for the next few hundred years."


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