654 653. A New Guardian of Light

"I won't accept you…" Sylvester interrupted and revealed his condition. "Unless you teach me how to fly."


Flabbergasted, shocked, bewildered, confused, amazed, call it what one may, but the scents were clear. Any hostility that was being exuded by Julius vanished that very second. The man stared at Sylvester's with creased brows, his emotionless eyes showing amusement. 

"You don't know how to fly?" 

Sylvester, feeling embarrassed, nodded, "More like I haven't been able to practice it enough yet." 

"Practice?" Julius exclaimed. "You don't need to practice. It comes naturally once you become a Supreme Wizard. I could fly the moment I ascended to the supreme." 


Sylvester frowned and looked at his palms, 'That can't be the case… I felt nothing like that. I'm not even fat.'

"What elements does it require?" Sylvester inquired. 


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