651 650. A Strange Welcome

Sylvester's heart beat fast and heavy as he walked closer to see the instrument. It looked like a crude telephone or something similar from the early era of the world he had almost come to consider a dream. 

"They… They finally made it?" He exclaimed and took a closer look. 

"A few top officers were given these prototypes to test, Your Holiness," Captain Edward explained. "I used it to inform the port about our arrival so they can start taking all the necessary steps to accommodate us. This would lessen the time it would take for us to dock." 

Sylvester picked up the receiver and transmitter, "What's the range?" 

The old, bearded Captain Edward looked towards the sea from his cabin window. "They fitted a strange rod above the crow's nest of the ship before I headed to Beastaria. I believe we're still half a day away from the Holy Land… I believe that's almost… two-hundred kilometres."


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