647 646. A Gift To A Species

The surrender of the elven elders didn't come as a surprise. But the planning went slightly deeper than simply those theatrics. Rathagun was still lying on the ground, bleeding profusely. Part of it was acting, and part of it was a genuine beating from Sylvester. 

"I do not ask you to obey and accept my faith. I do not demand that you become my servants—what I do hope for is peace and that my guidance toward a better future for all of us is followed," Sylvester tried to give the elves some reassurance with his words and walked towards the elven King's body. 

"Stay away from the King! We have surrendered!" Ellitran shouted with much effort, almost growling to protect his son-in-law and student. 

'Oh, I smell worry for the King. So he isn't that heartless?' Sylvester smirked inside but felt no remorse in folding the man with his spine-shattering kick. 


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