646 645. The Clash Of Fates III: Ruler Of The World 

"I hate this… Why do I have to do the boring work? I'll complain to Big Mum when we get back." Miraj, the ultimate chonkers of the sky, flew away from the battle site towards the open sea to the west. 

He was fast, but even then, it took him time as he had to traverse a large stretch of land. Although that only took him a few minutes, even that felt like hours to him, unable to see the magnificent battle of his Maxy and Rat-Rat. 

Eventually, he reached the sea and began to suck in much of the water in his dimensional belly. He was told not to grow larger or take in all the water. Sylvester had already calculated his speed of intake, so Miraj was to count to ten while drinking the water and storing it. 


"Ten! Let's go back!" Miraj chirped, finishing his task and headed straight back to Sylvester to see how the battle was going. However, he had no idea about the surprise waiting for him. 


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