578 577. Battle Of Supreme III: The Anomaly

"Gahh!" Saint Scepter grunted as the tall, regally robbed undead pulled the bone spear out and flew far away to stand beside Sylvester. 

Saint Scepter was left behind, coughing out some blood. However, the wound in his chest immediately healed.

Due to the sudden attack, Felix and Soulbreaker came out of their fanatical state. They looked around themselves in confusion. Finding their bearings, they quickly gathered around Sylvester and asked for an update. 

"He can use Mind magic. You were both affected by it," Sylvester revealed, bracing for the impending battle. "Now, Emperor Raz will be the main character of this battle, with the rest of us as support. Remember, create as many opportunities as possible for Emperor Raz to strike at Saint Scepter."


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