105 105. Music Healing

The news of there being a bloodling nearby unsettled Sylvester as memories of the old days reappeared. Although he was much stronger now, he still didn't know if he could beat one of the Bloodlings because, as far as he knew, in that cave years ago, even Arch Wizard died, and he was just a Master Wizard. But he had the help of overpowered light magic, which was like the worst poison for Bloodlings. 

In the end, Sylvester kept aside his woes as the task at hand was more important.

Some of the still sane people were out of their minds and tried to fight. So, it took them the entire morning to bring all the people Sylvester considered treatable to the monastery, where he gave them rooms and also tied them, so they didn't end up killing each other. 

After that, he poured some chemicals into their rooms that would induce sleep and left. It was time to sleep for him as well since it was noon, and the town slept during the peak sunlight hours. 


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