1 The Priest Becomes A Streamer, And The Live Broadcast Shocks The World

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At the foot of the Mazalorat Mountain, there was a clear lake with a faint green color.

The breeze blew across the lake, reflecting the light.

At this moment, John was doing a live broadcast by the lake.

The drone flew in the air, looking especially small.

The drone's camera perfectly captured all of John's movements as it flew in the air.

The content of John's live broadcast was really boring.

His legs were crouched there, his back was straight, and he did not move or speak.

Under the drone's camera, behind him was the Mazalorat Mountain that soared high into the sky, and beside him was the peaceful, dark green Hill Lake.

The distant mountains were set off by the surrounding lush forest, adding a hint of mystery to it.

Although the scenery was beautiful, John was sitting there with his eyes slightly closed. It was inevitable that he would be too boring if he did not speak.

Even though the content was boring, there were still hundreds of people watching John's live broadcast online. Most of them were women.

There was nothing to say about this. After all, John had a handsome face.

He was wearing a black uniform, clean and pitch-black leather shoes, had a refreshing and spirited black buzz cut, deep eyes, and dark green pupils that resonated with the lake water, like gems.

John's tall and steady figure, coupled with his perfect face, made people feel like a handsome and secure gentleman.

Therefore, although John did not speak much, this live broadcast mode attracted a group of ignorant young women to watch his live broadcast. Perhaps it was because the silence here was nice.

"Oh, there's actually such a handsome youth in the world! He really makes my heart melt."

"So the streamer is a priest?! I can't believe there's such a handsome and young priest. He's really tempting!"

"Could it be that sleeping can also be used for cultivation? I also want to try out some effects."

"I just tried to close my eyes and rest like him. Guess what? I just woke up!"

"Isn't it just sleeping? I know how to do that too. Guys, it seems that I can also be a streamer."

"Handsome brother, you look so handsome even when you're sleeping. Loving you is the right choice."


The comments on the screen instantly increased in number, and the live broadcast room also gradually began to boil.

Everyone was discussing how long this young priest could last like this.

Everyone was chatting away except John.

Most of the audience thought that John was sleeping during the live broadcast, so they were all curious when this handsome brother would wake up.

Thanks to human curiosity, the popularity of the live broadcast room soared.

The patient who had insomnia all year round watched John's live broadcast and said that he could fall asleep after watching the live broadcast.

Some viewers even said that they could not fall asleep without watching John's live broadcast.

Although everyone thought John was sleeping, his mind had already broken through his body in reality.

His consciousness was brought back to his childhood when he had just been adopted by Grandpa Robert.

As a child, John was very mischievous. He was either breaking the windows of the villagers or scaring away the devotees who came to pray.

However, Grandpa Robert never hit John because of his mistakes, and more than that, he carefully taught him.

John had always called Robert 'grandpa' since he was young. In John's heart, this kind and gentle old man had always been his father.

The attentive audience saw the tears that fell from the corner of John's eyes.

After a line of comments floated out, the audience in the live broadcast room immediately became interested.

The crazy sons and resentful daughters began to discuss.

"The priest is crying. He's crying! I really want to use my slender fingers to wipe his tears."

"The streamer can even cry without yawning. He's really an amazing person! Could it be that he's having a nightmare?"

"If the streamer can maintain this position for half an hour, I'll give you a big reward."

"Don't make things difficult for my dear priest. I just like to see him being so quiet like this. It's so uncomfortable to sit and sleep. Lie down, my boy."

"I'll time it. It's now 3 minutes and 11 seconds. I'd like to see how long the streamer can last."


John was still sitting cross-legged. His eyes were calm and natural, and his breathing was steady. He gave people a quiet and peaceful feeling.

He completely ignored the heated discussions in the live broadcast room and devoted himself to his meditation.

This day was the tenth day since John returned to the foot of the Mazalorat Mountains.

John was an orphan. He was adopted and brought up by Father Robert, the priest of the church at the foot of the Mazalorat Mountains.

As soon as he was born, he was connected with God.

Although John grew up with the church, he was educated like other children.

After graduating from college, he became a small clerk in the metropolis.

Although he repeated his daily routine, he did not forget the Mazalorat Mountain, which had raised him for more than ten years.

There was also his Grandpa Robert, whom he missed all the time.

Just a few days ago, bad news came from Mazalorat Mountain.

Grandpa Robert died of a heart attack. John used this excuse to return to the foot of Mazalorat Mountain to send Grandpa Robert on his last journey.

After dealing with Grandpa Robert's funeral, John was sad and intended to go back to work. However, he accidentally activated a live broadcast system.

Not only did the system give away professional live broadcast equipment such as drones, but most importantly, the system could also activate magic that normal humans could not obtain.

Of course, this was also a random reward that could only be obtained after John's live broadcast reached a certain level of popularity.

Due to this, John resigned from the company casually with a letter of resignation.

He decided to stay in the church. Then, he became a priest and a streamer with the magical system.

In the eyes of outsiders, John could not leave the land where he was born and raised.

Only John knew that with this system, he would get magic that ordinary people could not get, and he would eventually become stronger.

Meditation was the first magic that John obtained from the system.

Meditation could be said to be the most basic level of magic.

However, with time and practice, he would still be able to break through and advance.

According to the information provided by the system, it was said that the most powerful mage could actually use meditation to break through more than ten levels.

He could even distort the mind of the monster and destroy the body of the enemy without doing anything.

In the eyes of outsiders, meditation was like falling asleep. A normal person would probably fall asleep in three minutes.

However, for John, half an hour was just the beginning.

The clock ticked away. In the blink of an eye, a long time had passed.

John still did not move. He sat upright. Although he was just sitting there, in fact, his entire body was leaning backward by 45%, but his face was calm. He looked happy as if he had fallen asleep.

This disappointed many netizens who were prepared to watch the joke.

"My God, this young priest really has some ability. It's so cool to sleep while leaning back."

"God, I can't do it anyway. I just tried for a while and I couldn't hold on anymore. I even started to dream."

"I think the streamer should not be able to hold on much longer. 20 minutes is already the limit of a person."


Comments flashed one after another on the screen. Everyone was curious about how long this priest could last.

However, half an hour passed very quickly. John was still sitting there with his legs crossed. He did not move an inch.

The people who were waiting for him to lie down and snore did not get what they wanted.

John still narrowed his eyes. He did not even blink. His expression did not change and his heart did not waver.

The netizens who were originally waiting to see the joke and even taunting John had also changed their attitude.

"This priest is too awesome. He hasn't moved for half an hour."

"Half an hour has passed. Friends, who wanted to reward me, do you still keep your word?"

Whoosh! A large airplane gift flashed over.

It left a message. "The live broadcast is great. I love you to death."

This was the first airplane that John had received since his live broadcast.

Following that, a few more gifts were sent out, and the live broadcast room was flooded with messages.

"He's so good-looking and so amazing. This kind of priest is simply too mesmerizing."

"Priest, I love you!"


Amidst the discussions of the many netizens, 10 minutes passed, 15 minutes, 20 minutes...

Another hour passed, but John still did not move. He was like a holy pillar.

The live broadcast room was immediately filled with excitement.

"Oh my God, this priest has been sitting there for more than an hour. He's not moving at all. Could he be a robot?"

"This is a genius. He's too amazing."

"My mom even asked me what I'm watching. How can I not be excited about such an amazing person?"

"Oh my God, I love this priest so much."


Most of the people in the live broadcast room were people whose values changed according to the other party's appearance.

One after another, gifts were given out. Among them, there were a few people who sent out large airplanes as gifts, which were worth 2,000 yuan each.

In less than two hours, John had already received a bonus of over 5,000 yuan.

In the live broadcast room, many netizens continued to flock in.

In just a few minutes, the number of online viewers had increased from a few hundred to a few thousand, and his popularity had skyrocketed.

Time passed by minute by minute.

John was still sitting cross-legged in the same spot, as calm as the wind and as steady as half a statue.

At this point, many netizens could no longer doubt and ridicule him.

All that was left was a screen full of exclamations and adoration.

After two hours, John finally opened his eyes, but he still did not get up.

Just then, a netizen called 'I Love Carrots' tipped him ten large airplanes, and the special effects in the live broadcast room exploded the screen.

I Love Carrots left a message. "How did the streamer do it? How did you sleep while being so serene? How did you do it?"

At this moment, the comments below began to remind him. "Brother upstairs, this is not how you use serene."

Even though he had sat for two hours, John was still sat tall and straight, calm and composed.

Along with I Love Carrot's message, a netizen called 'Anthony Boxing Club' also tipped John ten large airplanes.

Many people noticed this ID number, and some people immediately cried out in surprise.

"Isn't this Anthony Boxing Club the boxing champion of M City, Anthony? Is it him?"

"Capture the champion alive. Anthony is a star boxer of M City, a true warrior! Oh my God!"

"I didn't expect that Anthony would actually appear in this live broadcast room. This is too unbelievable!"


Anthony Boxing Club, "It's me. I randomly clicked on it, but I didn't expect to find a treasure."

"In my opinion, if this streamer knows boxing, he would definitely be a worthy opponent. Of course, it would be best if he could come to our club."

"It's so amazing. It's really rare. I'll be your diehard fan from now on!"


Amidst the adoration of the netizens, John slowly stood up.

He patted the leaf on his shoulder. At this moment, a system notification sounded in his mind.

"Meditation training completed. Popularity Value has reached 300,000. You have reached the lottery condition. Would you like to start the lottery now?"

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