Chapter 27: Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art, Li Honggang

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The Ji Hao Sect's secret realm...

Fang Wang's heartbeat quickened. Could this be the inheritance of a Great Cultivator from the Ji Hao Sect?

Not just him, Fang Hanyu also realized this. His breathing became hurried. He whispered, "Fang Wang, take a closer look. If it's really an extraordinary Cultivation Technique, you learn it first."

Fang Wang snorted, "You don't say. Wait till I master it, then I'll teach you."

The corners of Fang Hanyu's mouth curved up, his mood elated. He had finally stopped being a burden, finally managed to be of help to Fang Wang.

Fang Wang read carefully. The Fang Realm's miniature world fell into silence, the lake beside them shimmered with sparkling light, their reflections mirrored by the water.

After Fang Wang committed all the text to memory, his consciousness exploded, transporting him into the Heavenly Palace.

His eyes opened, and as he looked around the spacious hall of the Heavenly Palace, he took a deep breath.

As he began to recall that peerless cultivation technique, insights started to emerge in his mind. The confusing parts became clearer, leading to a great understanding.

This time, he truly felt the mighty power of the Heavenly Palace. It was not simply about cultivating to Great Perfection; it was about mastering any method of cultivation!

After integrating everything, Fang Wang learned the name of the technique from the words of the Cultivation Technique.

The Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art!

The Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art was a powerful offensive spell, allowing the practitioner to transform into a dragon with immense destructive power. The Art was composed of nine levels, from low to high: Qi Dragon, Shape Dragon, White Dragon, Azure Dragon, Yellow Dragon, Purple Dragon, Red Dragon, Golden Dragon, and Black Dragon!

Why the Black Dragon ranks higher than the Golden Dragon is because the Art brings about destruction, not hope.

After understanding the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art, Fang Wang became immensely interested and started to practice according to the Cultivation Technique.

However, the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art was harder to cultivate than he had imagined.

Just to condense a Qi Dragon, he spent nine years.

To reach the Shape Dragon, it took seventeen years!

This time, he was not irritated but filled with a strong zeal for cultivation.

Because the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art was too powerful. The destructive force of the Shape Dragon was several times that of the Qi Dragon. Most importantly, the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art not only relied on one's Spiritual Power but could also be combined with Magic Artifacts. The stronger the Magic Artifact, the more it heightened the destructive power of the transformed dragon.

Fang Wang became so immersed in the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art that he couldn't extricate himself, and time flew by swiftly.

By the time he had cultivated the ninth layer, the Black Dragon Great Perfection, he had spent a total of two hundred and seventy-three years!

This surpassed the time he spent cultivating the Solaris Scripture and became the longest he had ever taken to master a peerless skill, yet the gains were also enormous. As the Black Dragon, he felt he could destroy everything. If he were to wield the Heavenly Palace Halberd while transforming into the Black Dragon, that would be even more terrifying!

When he finally reached the Great Perfection realm, the surrounding environment shattered, and his consciousness returned to reality, to the astonishing sight of Fang Hanyu's back before him.

Fang Wang revealed a smile, patted Fang Hanyu's back, and said with a laugh, "This technique is extraordinary. Once your eyes are healed, I'll teach you how to cultivate it."

With Fang Wang's pat on his back, Fang Hanyu's whole body shuddered, his skin crawling. He quickly put on his clothes, then stood up and asked, "Did you remember it?"

"Nonsense, I never forget anything I see."

"Then you go ahead and practice. Hopefully, after my eyes are healed, I'll get to see you use this technique."

"I'll definitely shock you."

Fang Wang said with a raised eyebrow and a smile, overjoyed at having acquired the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art. This technique was undoubtedly the strongest offensive method he had mastered so far.

The Jinghong Divine Sword Art was not bad, but it paled in comparison to the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art.

With Li Hongshuang as a reference, he suddenly felt that maybe he could challenge the Spirit Elixir Realm.

No, he must not become complacent!

Fang Wang reminded himself inwardly while watching Fang Hanyu leave, trembling.


The Great Abyss Gate, Shiyuan Hall.

Guang Qiuxian was meditating. Ten-plus people stood in the hall, including Yang Yuanzi; each had a serious expression.

Zhao Chuanqian, the Inheritance Elder who had previously accepted Fang Wang into the third lineage, spoke, "Sect Leader, the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art has caused an uproar in the western region. Not just the Demonic Dao but also the righteous sects have joined in the fray, seeking it. Are we really not participating?"

As soon as these words were spoken, other Peak Masters and Elders began to speak up.

"The chief disciple of the Suspended Vast Sword Sect, Xu Qiuming, has already exchanged blows with an elder of Huangyu Mountain."

"First it was the Heavenly Gang Saint Body Technique, and now the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art. Why does it feel like someone is plotting behind the scenes?"

"Whether there's a scheme or not, we must participate. At the very least, we need to find out if it's true, or who ultimately obtains it. This concerns the future landscape of the Nine Great Sects."

"It's not good to get involved in this matter. Our many disciples have been attacked by Green Cicada Valley; if we get entangled, Green Cicada Valley will surely retaliate against us like mad."

"By the way, Brother Yang, when did you nurture such a talent? Who exactly is it that can master the Jinghong Divine Sword Art to the level of thirty-two swords? How many swords have you reached now?"

A Peak Master shifted the topic to Yang Yuanzi, who remained expressionless and did not engage in conversation.

Guang Qiuxian spoke up, "Enough, do not probe further into the identity of that white-clothed astonishing figure. It's enough for you to know that Great Abyss Gate has such a disciple. With Li Hongshuang dead, Green Cicada Valley will certainly send spies to infiltrate; we must protect him."

His heart was filled with excitement because he knew who had received the inheritance of the Jinghong Divine Sword Art.

That kid!

In such a short period of cultivation, he had mastered the Jinghong Divine Sword Art to the level of thirty-two swords, surpassing Yang Yuanzi, a feat that amazed him.

Perhaps this is the terrifying aspect of the Heaven Yuan Spirit Treasure.

"The First Lineage will be responsible for finding out the whereabouts of the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art. Remember, focus on gathering information, do not act recklessly," Guang Qiuxian continued, then waved his sleeve, signaling everyone to leave.

Only Yang Yuanzi stayed behind.

As the gates of Shiyuan Hall closed, Yang Yuanzi frowned and said, "I'm worried about Fang Wang, although he is with his kin, they are all juniors."

Guang Qiuxian nodded, "I share your concerns. Let's send a direct disciple in the Spirit Elixir Realm to find him."

Yang Yuanzi shook his head and said, "A direct disciple is not enough. Let Lu Yuanjun go. It will be good for the two of them to meet in advance. If Lu Yuanjun can save Fang Wang in his time of danger, it's unlikely there will be any conflict between them in the future."

Hearing this, Guang Qiuxian pondered for a moment, then slowly nodded.

"Junior brother, do you think the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art has really appeared?"

"How would I know? And what if it has?"

"It's rumored that the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art possesses the destructive power to flatten a kingdom, and the Ji Hao Sect's dominance over vast territories owes much to the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art."

"These are just legends. Who has witnessed it with their own eyes? Besides, we have Fang Wang and Lu Yuanjun. Even if the other sects obtain the Heavenly Gang Saint Body Technique or the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art, the future will still belong to us!"

"That's true. Fang Wang has even mastered the Jinghong Divine Sword Art to the level of thirty-two swords. Looking at this, junior brother, your aptitude is truly mediocre!"

"Heh, if I'm mediocre, what does that make you?"


After mastering the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art, one and a half months passed, and Fang Wang finally broke through to the fourth layer of the Soul Sculpting Realm.

During this period, Fang Hanyu's cultivation speed increased rapidly, reaching the fifth layer of the Qi Cultivation Realm and even being able to spar with demon beasts.

With his eyes covered, the boy could still predict his opponent's attacks, as if he wasn't blind at all, which made Fang Wang more expectant of the Absolute Heart Evil Eye.

With more and more shape-shifted demon beasts from the Mountain God clan appearing, Fang Realm became bustling, and these demon beasts were very friendly to Fang Wang and Fang Hanyu, even building houses for them.

On this day.

Fang Wang found Fang Hanyu and began teaching him to cultivate the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art. Although his eyes were still covered with a white cloth, he could now cultivate spells. In his words, he could use the breath and air flows around him to predict his opponent's actions.

Fang Hanyu was quick to comprehend, and after only a half-hour lesson from Fang Wang, he was left to cultivate on his own.

Although the cultivation method of the Nine Dragons Divine Transformation Art was profound, the specific way of cultivating it wasn't too complicated; once Fang Hanyu memorized it, he could comprehend it on his own.

At noon.

Fang Wang was meditating by the lake, when a Mountain God clan demon beast, with a human body and a fox head, ran up and knelt beside him, crying, "Young Master Fang, you must save my sister!"

Fang Wang opened his eyes and saw that it was holding a mask in its hand, specifically the fox mask of the green-clad young girl.

The remaining members of the Mountain God clan had almost all moved to Fang Realm. To repay the Fang Family for their hospitality, they began collecting spirit flowers and herbs everywhere, transplanting them into Fang Realm. They had been doing this for a month without incident, and had not encountered any demonic cultivators.

Fang Wang frowned and asked, "What's wrong with her?"

"A human cultivator named Li Honggang captured her and ordered our Mountain God clan to find that white-clothed astonishing figure. If the white-clothed astonishing figure doesn't go to Haixia City within a month, he will kill my sister... But our clan, now barely one-tenth remaining, where can we find the white-clothed astonishing figure?" the Mountain God clan demon beast said through sobs.

The advantage of the Mountain God clan over other demon beasts is their early ability to shape-shift. The strongest demon beast currently in Fang Realm only has the strength comparable to the fourth layer of the Soul Sculpting Realm.