Chapter 26: The Mysterious Ultimate Technique

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In the dense forest, Fang Wang carried Fang Hanyu on his back, with Zhou Xue leading the way in front. As for Zhou Xing Shi, he had already been sent back to Great Abyss Gate by Zhou Xue.

Before leaving, Zhou Xue had a private conversation with Zhou Xing Shi. After their talk, Fang Wang noticed that Zhou Xing Shi seemed apprehensive and didn't even give him another glance when he left.

"Come out, you've been following us for quite some time!"

Zhou Xue suddenly stopped and called out.

Fang Wang wasn't surprised; he had sensed a presence following them for several hours. However, the presence was faint, so he didn't take it to heart.

After a few moments, a large tree behind them shook and a green figure fell from its branches. It was a young girl in a green dress, wearing a fox mask.

After landing, she said, "I mean no harm. It's just that you are heading towards the land of my tribe, and I wanted to warn you, but I feared you might just be passing by."

Upon hearing this, Fang Hanyu looked up, surprised and pleased, "Green Maiden, you're still alive?"

The girl in the green dress snorted, "Of course I'm alive. However, my tribe has suffered heavy casualties, and now everyone is fleeing in all directions. I got separated from them and ran towards our tribal lands. I didn't expect to encounter you along the way."

Zhou Xue turned and sized up the girl in green, clicking her tongue in wonder, "A member of the Mountain God tribe, I see. I wondered what magical creature saved Fang Hanyu. It turns out it's you. Nowadays, the world is murky, and cultivators simply do not acknowledge the Mountain Gods."

Upon hearing this, the green-dressed girl immediately stepped forward eagerly and asked, "Big Sister, you know of our Mountain God tribe?"

"Yes, the world is vast with countless mountains and rivers. Since ancient times. there has been the existence of the Mountain God tribe in the depths of mountains. Though they are of the same origin as magical creatures, they have their own heritage and can transform at an earlier time than magical beasts. The Mountain God tribe is kind-hearted and sees it as their duty to protect the land. As the human race began to practice cultivation and failed to find traces of Immortal Gods, they lost their reverence for the deities of heaven and earth. Although the Mountain God tribe has historical renown, in the eyes of cultivators, they are no different from magical creatures. To cultivators, the physical bodies of your tribe are seen as ingredients for various fine medicines."

Zhou Xue replied softly, her explanation meant for Fang Wang and Fang Hanyu to hear.

After hearing this, Fang Hanyu couldn't help but turn his head towards the girl in green and ask, "Are you a magical creature?"

"What? Do you look down on magical creatures?"

"Your friends before, your tribe members..."

"Yes, they were all magical creatures. The little yellow beast that used to wake you up every day was a bird demon. It's dead now."

The green-dressed girl's response silenced Fang Hanyu.

The heavy words spoken by the girl in green seemed like a joke, yet Fang Wang could feel that she was restraining herself.

"Since you are from the Mountain God tribe, and you've saved Fang Hanyu before, follow us for now. The place we're going to is just across your tribal lands, not actually your tribal lands. However, that place could also become a sanctuary for your tribe, especially since in the coming years, the various Demonic Sects will continue their frenzied slaughtering of the Mountain God tribes everywhere."

Zhou Xue spoke again, extending the invitation.

The girl in green nodded, and seeing this, Zhou Xue no longer spoke and continued to lead the way.

Fang Wang, carrying Fang Hanyu, asked through telepathy, "When I executed Li Hongshuang, some cultivators from Green Cicada Valley escaped. Could they cause trouble for the Fang Residence?"

The massacre of the Mountain God tribe made him worry about the Fang Family again.

Zhou Xue replied via telepathy, "As long as you didn't reveal your family name, even if Green Cicada Valley can track it back, it will take time. Green Cicada Valley won't seek revenge against a family for one disciple, but Li Hongshuang's Li Family will. You need not worry, I have a plan."

Relieved by Zhou Xue's strategy, Fang Wang stopped worrying.

They continued their journey, encountering numerous magical creatures and spirit demons along the way. Thanks to the presence of the girl in green, they dared to approach, and the size of the group gradually increased.

Two more days passed.

They arrived at a towering, majestic mountain, its peak invisible as it soared into the clouds and spanned a dozen miles in every direction. The surrounding mountains were steep and connected in a chain, with sparse vegetation that added to the sense of vastness.

Behind Zhou Xue and her two companions trailed an impressive procession of magical beasts, over a hundred in number. The largest among them was a wild boar standing twenty feet at the shoulder, with tusks ten feet long; its black fur fluttered like flames, terrifying to behold. Despite its fearsome appearance, it had not yet reached the level of a spirit demon.

Zhou Xue walked up to a section of the mountain's cliff face and ran her hand over it. Soon, she seemed to trigger a mechanism. The cliff trembled and a crack appeared, dust billowed, and a mountain gate pushed outward, revealing a huge entrance five zhang high.

This mountain gate seemed small in comparison to the mountain's cliff, but before Fang Wang and the others, it was like a tower block.

Fang Wang couldn't help but ask, "What's inside there?"

Without turning her head, Zhou Xue replied, "One thousand five hundred years ago, a Great Cultivator from Ji Hao Sect secretly constructed a vast cave dwelling here for his family to hide from vendettas. Afterwards, it remained undiscovered. Perhaps he died before he could inform his family of its existence. From now on, the Fang Family will cultivate here. Unite with the Mountain God tribe. I've named this cave dwelling Fang Realm."

Fang Wang suddenly understood. He had wondered if Zhou Xue was so kind as to take in the Mountain God tribe.

It turned out she was planning for the Fang Residence!

Afterward, they walked into the huge cave entrance. The curious girl in green and the magical beasts observed the cave tunnel, which was lined with various brightly shining crystals.

After walking about a hundred meters, a bright light appeared ahead.

Fang Wang stepped into the light, and when he opened his eyes again, the sunlight bathed his face, and the sight before him touched him deeply.

Blue sky, white clouds, the sun high above, and the lush grassland surrounding a large lake, with mountains on all sides—truly a secluded sanctuary, far removed from the mortal world.

"This is a formation within Fang Realm that makes you feel as if you are in another world. In reality, this small domain has its boundaries and is not as large as it appears. Rest here; don't go out, at least not for the coming month. As for the Mountain God tribe, they won't be annihilated. Wait for the Demonic Sects to leave, and then you can go and search,"

Zhou Xue spoke to the magical beasts, her gaze resting mainly on the girl in green.

The girl in green nodded. After so much fighting, she wasn't about to act rashly.

Fang Wang asked, "Will Green Cicada Valley leave in a month's time?"

"Yes, the inheritance of the Ji Hao Sect will spread in another direction, attracting the great Demonic Sects to fight over it, igniting a bloodbath that will last for years."

"Is it the Heavenly Gang Saint Body Technique?"

"Of course not, but it is also an incredible Cultivation Technique, at least enough to make Green Cicada Valley temporarily let go of Li Hongshuang's death."

The two chatted and walked towards the mountainside. Fang Wang put down Fang Hanyu and then took off all the storage bags at his waist, saying, "Check these when you have time. All these things are for you, to help the Fang Residence embark on the path of Cultivation."

Zhou Xue did not put on airs. She nodded, then took out a small cauldron from the storage bag and began tossing eyeballs into the cauldron.

That's right!


Fang Wang felt queasy and quickly walked away. He made his way to the lake and began to sit down and gather Qi.

The green-robed girl led the spirit beasts away to find places to rest. They were also tired, having been on edge for the past few days, and now just wanted to sleep well.

Not until night fell did Fang Hanyu suddenly let out a piercing scream, resounding through the night sky.

Fang Wang glanced back and then returned his gaze to his cultivation.


A month passed quickly.

Fang Hanyu was already capable of sitting and gathering Qi, but his eyes were still covered with a white cloth, unable to bear light.

Inside the cave, Zhou Xue led Fang Wang to understand all the mechanisms in the cave, then spoke, "I have to leave now. When Fang Hanyu's eyes have successfully condensed, return to the Great Abyss Gate."

Fang Wang was prepared for this and followed up by asking, "Qing Girl wants to find her kin. Shall we let her out?"

"Let her go. She has lived in the mountains and forests since she was young and should encounter no trouble. According to the timeline, that Cultivation Technique should have already spread, and Green Cicada Valley's attention will be drawn away. In short, once Fang Hanyu's eyes heal, you can return to the Great Abyss Gate on your own, without waiting for me."

Zhou Xue nodded, gave a few more instructions, and finally left under Fang Wang's urging.

Watching Zhou Xue's retreating figure as she flew away on her sword, Fang Wang stood at the cave entrance for a long while before closing the mountain gate and returning to Fang Realm by the lake to continue his cultivation.

The battle with Li Hongshuang made Fang Wang feel that his Spiritual Power was lacking. Just killing Li Hongshuang had drained much of his Spiritual Power. He needed to advance his cultivation level and reach the ninth layer of the Soul Sculpting Realm as soon as possible.

Fang Realm was serene, and the spirit beasts that hid here were very quiet. They could absorb nature's spiritual energy and the Essence of the Sun and Moon without needing food.

It is worth mentioning that the sun and moon within this small heaven and earth were real, with a special Formation allowing the sun and moon above the mountaintop to appear inside the cave, distinguishing day and night, turning synchronously with the outside world.

On the third day after Zhou Xue left, the green-robed girl could no longer hold back and left the cave heaven to find other members of her tribe.

Every three or four days, she led a group of spirit beasts from the Mountain God tribe. These members of the Mountain God tribe maintained humanoid forms, some with heads like wolves or dogs, some like eagles or hawks, capable of human speech. Fang Wang didn't interact much with them but let Fang Hanyu deal with them.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed.

That night.

Fang Wang was cultivating by the lake. Fang Hanyu, led by a spirit beast from the Mountain God tribe, came over. After the spirit beast left, he hesitated for a while before speaking.

"What is it?"

Fang Wang opened his eyes and asked, exasperated.

After everything they had been through, Fang Hanyu was still timid, like a shy maiden.

Fang Hanyu clenched his teeth and said, "Fang Wang, my back feels very itchy, especially when I'm cultivating. Could you take a look at it for me?"

"Then sit down,"

Fang Wang agreed, concerned about Fang Hanyu's health.

Although Zhou Xue hadn't spelled it out before she left, Fang Wang suspected that she had implanted the Absolute Heart Evil Eye from Green Cicada Valley into Fang Hanyu. Since it was an Evil Eye, there might be side effects.

With Fang Wang's help, Fang Hanyu sat down, turned his back to him, and slowly removed his clothes.

Under the moonlight, Fang Hanyu's fair back was covered with blood-colored fine lines, dense and dazzling to the eyes.

"This is..."

Fang Wang narrowed his eyes and looked closely.

There was a Cultivation Technique inscribed on Fang Hanyu's back!

This Cultivation Technique did not display a name, only the method of practice, but from looking at the method alone one could tell it was a profound and secret skill.

"Did Green Cicada Valley inscribe this on your back?" Fang Wang asked with a frown.

Fang Hanyu shook his head and said in a low voice, "No. But before, in the secret territory of Ji Hao Sect, something hit my back. I didn't care much at that time..."