I Became a Wizard with a Quest Book!

After falling asleep, Valerius woke up to find himself transmigrated into the world of [The Great Conquerer], a novel he had been avidly following. He woke up in the body of a character whose life was endangered. There are assassins around the corner and extraterrestrial threats beyond that. Will he be able to outlive all that and realize his dream? Read on to find out!

DurcalAka · Fantasy
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192 Chs

Ch 17: Experiencing a Windfall!

"You declined the mistress's generosity, didn't you?" Armand inquired playfully.

Valerius's face betrayed him momentarily, a look akin to someone caught stealing flickered across his features. However, the startled expression only lasted for a moment as he quickly regained his composure, pondering over how to make the most of the situation.

Lying to a dragon was futile, for they had an innate ability to detect falsehoods. 

At the same time, if he were to simply agree to it, he would be digging a pit for himself that would be hard to get out of without gaining anything in return. 

In this moment, the best strategy was to respond to Armand's playful inquiry with a question of his own, to deduce how Armand knew he hadn't digested the nutrition pill that was tampered with.

"Did I? What proof do you have?" Valerius mirrored Armand's tone with equal playfulness as he spoke.

"The pill contained Gravebloom Nectar and Shadowthorn Essence," Armand said.

Gravebloom Nectar and Shadowthorn Essence were poisonous substances that when taken alone could poison a mortal to death, but when these two ingredients were taken together, an effect akin to a blessing was produced, creating a temporary protective layer around the consumer's body that was ethereal in nature and invisible to the naked eye. 

This shield couldn't block physical attacks, but it could effectively block soul radiation.

If Valerius had indeed ingested the pill, it should have been impossible for him to awaken his spirit veins during the ceremony.

Since the complete opposite happened, it meant he hadn't taken the pill.

No wonder he was caught!

"Why would my adoptive mother do this? Give me a pill that would ensure I fail to awaken my spirit vein during the ceremony. What grudge does she hold against me?" Valerius muttered, looking a bit dazed as if lost in thoughts. 

He couldn't recall a single event where he had offended her. Her actions were simply uncalled for!

This situation also helped him realize that the House of Khaleji wasn't as safe of a place as he had initially expected. He needed to plan an immaculate escape.

"I do not know her reasons for hating you," Armand replied.

"Then what about you? Why, despite knowing her intentions, did you encourage me to take it?" Valerius asked with a questioning tone.

Armand was too embarrassed to admit that he harmed him to get back at his mother for rejecting his courtship nearly two decades ago. Thus, he said, "I have my difficulties."

"What difficulties could have stopped the mighty head butler of the House of Kahleji from doing what's righteous?" Valerius scoffed.

"The mountains are high, but the emperor's reach is higher. How dare a humble servant such as myself defy the orders of my masters behind their backs? I do not want to get in unnecessary trouble," Armand said.

He then warned Valerius, "Anyways, instead of pondering why you were targeted, you should be more concerned about the trouble heading your way."

"What trouble?" Valerius asked.

"The news of your success in the ceremony must have reached "her" by now. She won't sit idly by, knowing you've defied her expectations," Armand explained.

Valerius chuckled, "What can she even accuse me of?"

In his mind, Thalira still lacked the proof to accuse him of being unfilial. After all, the only way she could prove he hadn't taken the pill was to reveal the pill's true nature, but doing so would be self-destructive. 


The mistress of the House of Khaleji had attempted to poison her adoptive son, if this news were to be made public, it would destroy her reputation and brand her a criminal!

Thus, he was certain she would keep quiet about it. 


Unfortunately, he would've to do the same. 


The difference in his and Thalira's status was too vast. Accusing her of a heinous crime without solid proof would be akin to digging his own grave.

"You're too naive if you think she has no way to deal with you. She can simply blame you for a crime on you that you didn't commit. After all, who is she and what are you? When she wants you punished, you'll be forced to accept it, whether you like it or not," Armand said with the expectation to see Valerius breaking down mentally or at least displaying signs of nervousness, but all he got to see was something completely contrary to his expectations.

Valerius yawned carelessly before speaking indifferently, "You done? If so, drive the carriage home."

Armand was taken aback. After all, even after his warning, Valerius looked unconcerned. 

He gazed at the young man seated opposite him carefully. 


The young man's demeanor screamed he had a trump card that could help him deal with the trouble coming his way, causing him to feel so curious that he couldn't help but stray from his professional duty. 

As a result, instead of carrying out his young master's order, he asked a question,

"Just what makes you so confident?"

Valerius cracked open his eyes and raised a finger, "You're overlooking one important fact. While she may hold sway over many in House Khaleji, my adoptive father is the one with the final say. If he intervenes, she will have no choice but to retreat."

"And what makes you think he will stand up for you?" Armand questioned.

"You'll find out when the time comes," Valerius said with a smirk.

Valerius's confidence wasn't unfounded. He had a good grasp of the personalities of those around him, and considering what he had experienced so far, it was safe to assume that the personality of the people in this world was similar to what was mentioned about them in the novel.

In the novel, his adoptive father, Lord Khaleji, is depicted as a renowned prick who prioritizes nothing above the success and glory of his family. 

This character trait was consistent with Valerius's memories. 


That prick was so focused on work and success that he never attended the birthdays of his children or even his own wedding anniversaries. Even on those special days, he would be engrossed in his work.

Lord Khaleji was a terrible father both to his biological children and Valerius and was far from ideal. 

No! He was a terrible person altogether. 

There was only one redeeming aspect to his character. 


He was a hardworking man who knew how to cherish talent.

His contributions over the past two decades have significantly bolstered the might of the House of Khaleji.

The novel also mentions that despite his preoccupation with work, Lord Khaleji was not oblivious to the affairs of the house. He kept a vigilant eye out for talent within the family. It was his policy to ensure that anyone displaying potential was treated well and given benefits to nurture their loyalty to the family. This strategy was aimed at preventing them from considering leaving the House of Khaleji.

Valerius's performance in the ceremony was nothing short of miraculous and was likely to attract the attention of someone like Lord Khaleji. 


Given this, Valerius was confident that no matter what scheme Thalira concocted to target him, Lord Khaleji would undoubtedly step up, judge the situation fairly, and thwart her plans. 

'I got it all settled. That Karen is a thousand years too young to be my match in politics.' 

Valerius had read and memorized books like Sun Tzu's Art of War and watched dramas like GOT. How could an old toad like Thalira be his match when it comes to scheming?!

While Valerius was smirking from ear to ear, internally gloating about how smart he was, Armand's cheeks turned red for some reason even though all he was doing was looking at him smiling. 

He averted his gaze from Valerius's face, and while looking elsewhere, he said stoically, "Don't smile."

"Why?" Valerius asked out of curiosity. 

"Just don't do it in the future," Armand said before he returned to his duties and drove the carriage back home.


With Quinlan hung over his shoulder like an awkwardly positioned sack of potatoes, Aric could be seen flying across one of the most sacred grounds of Serph with such grace and fluidity that he resembled a falcon diving through the sky.

He was flying so fast that the surrounding scenery blurred in the eyes of the person he was carrying. Quinlan felt dizzy. Before he could feel even more dizzy, Quinlan closed his eyes in defeat. 

'My abductor is too strong!' he sighed internally.

Aric's ability to fly at such high speeds with apparent ease was not a typical skill among wizards. 

Wizards were categorized into three initial ranks. Namely, they were low-rank, mid-rank, and finally, high-rank wizards.

Quinlan, who had always found academics more of a headache than helpful, couldn't remember the specifics of the ranks beyond the initial categorizations. However, he was quite familiar with the capabilities of wizards within these initial ranks. 

For instance, He knew low-rank wizards were further divided into ten levels, but even a tenth-level low-rank wizard couldn't fly. Flying was possible only for mid-rank wizards and above, but mid-rank wizards required magic items to fly. Only high-rank wizards could fly without the use of magic items.

Aric seemed to be flying without the use of an item. Quinlan concluded he was at least a high-rank wizard!

'He is more impressive and weird than what the rumors make him out to be,' Quinlan thought.


Considering that most individuals spend their entire lives struggling to advance beyond the low rank, reaching mid-rank in one's lifetime was already an exceptional feat. And Aric had done it before reaching his twenties so he was always considered an exceptional genius. 

Still, no one thought he would reach the next rank in his twenties. The common belief was that it would take him a few decades.

But if Quinlan's conclusion was true, it meant that Aric, who was still in his early twenties, had already ascended to the next rank, defying all expectations.

A twenty-something-year-old high-rank wizard? That was practically unheard of!

If this was true and were to be made public, it would undoubtedly send shockwaves through the wizarding communities.

"You seemed to be lost in thoughts. What are you thinking about?" Aric asked after noting Quinlan's thoughtful expression.

"Nothing important. I was just determining your power level," Quinlan replied after snapping out of his thoughts.

Aric's brow raised in amusement. "And what did you determine?"

"You're no ordinary wizard... I'd wager you're at least of the high rank," Quinlan answered.

Aric's eyes crinkled into the shape of playful crescents as he spoke next, "That's a pretty good guess."

"So, I'm right, then?" Quinlan asked.

Aric smiled teasingly, "Guess?" 

"Come on, just tell me am I right or not?"

Aric's eyes twinkled with mischief. He chuckled, "Keep on guessing."

Quinlan rolled his eyes and gave up on verifying his true rank. 

"Anyways, where are you taking me?" Quinlan questioned calmly. Although he was being dragged around against his will, he was able to stay rational and not lose his cool. Considering his age, it was quite commendable.

"As I mentioned earlier, I am taking you to meet my master," Aric answered.

"For what?" Quinlan raised a question once again.

Aric glanced at him and simply stated, "You'll know when we get there. Just be patient for now."

Soon after, a cliff veiled in golden clouds that danced like galloping horses came into view. 

As they approached, the clouds parted ways, revealing what was hidden from view. 

Atop the cliff stood a majestic silver tree, its girth comparable to six elephants stacked side by side. Embedded within this colossal tree was a door, crafted from the same silver wood. As a result, it blended seamlessly into the tree's vast trunk. 

The appearance of the door signified it was a tree house.

Quinlan concluded that it was most likely the residence of the elder who had conducted the spirit vein awakening ceremony.

They landed gracefully on the cliff before Aric announced, "Master, we are here."

An elderly voice rang out from inside the tree house, "Bring him in."

As the door of the tree house swung open, Aric and Quinlan stepped inside.

Old man Kendrick was waiting there for them.

"Respected elder, why did you wish to see me?" Quinlan asked with a mixture of respect and curiosity.

"It is to reward you for your exceptional performance in the spirit vein awakening ceremony." 


Saying so, Kendrick handed Quinlan a letter. The color of the letter was an ominous black and it had the seal of Ouroboros imprinted on it.

Holding it in his arms, Quinlan scrutinized the letter, his eyebrow arched in intrigue.

Aric looked at him and inquired, "Curious about what it is?" 

Quinlan nodded in response. Yes, he was!

Aric looked towards his master and said, "Should I explain, or will you, Master?"

Old man Kendrick gestured towards Aric, indicating to him to explain the true worth of the item to the Limitless.

Aric looked towards Quinlan before elucidating, "This is a recommendation letter. It grants unhindered entry into the Central Wizard Academy. As long as you hand in this letter to the appropriate people there, you'll not only become a student of the academy but also gain the opportunity to have one of the professors there as your master."

The Central Wizard Academy existed independently of the laws and rules of the Kingdom of Serpehendale and was renowned as the number one academy under the heavens as it was a place where the world's best wizards taught. Most importantly, the academy boasted endless resources for the growth and development of wizards. 

Because of all these reasons, it was the dream of many wizards, young and old, to have the chance to study there.

Gaining entry into this prestigious academy, however, was no easy feat. There were only two ways to join it.

The first and most common method was to pass the notoriously difficult entrance examination that was held every year. This exam wasn't only known for its difficulty but also its high mortality rate. Securing admission through this method was akin to a Herculean task!

The second way was to obtain one of the three coveted recommendation letters sent out each year. After all, these letters granted direct entry into the academy. 

However, this method came with its own perils.

The appearance of a recommendation letter often caused chaos and conflict, as numerous individuals would fight over it. 

Anyone known to possess a recommendation letter could become the target of envy and ill intent.


Basically, even if one obtained the letter, they needed the strength and cunning to safely reach the academy and submit it, or risk losing their life in the process.

Quinlan was terrified to find himself holding this infamous recommendation letter. To the current him, who was neither too smart nor strong, It was like a hot potato. Holding onto it might cost him his life. Thus, he wanted to return it.

"Senior, you know what they say, a farmer who picks up a treasure from the road ends up dead,'" Quinlan said. "This letter is too much for me to handle. I don't want to lose my life over it, so although I am appreciative of the gesture, I would like to return it back to you."

"The farmer died because he forgot to bolt the door in his excitement, inviting a thief and his doom along with it. But I have taken proper precautions to ensure nothing of that sort will happen to you. Except for the three of us, no one knows you've been given the recommendation letter," Kendrick said calmly. "Besides, the person who saved your life that night, when your entire tribe was annihilated, is at the academy. Do you still wish to give up on this letter?"

Quinlan's true identity was that of a Lunarian. 

He was the last descendant of the Lunar tribe. 


The Lunarians considered themselves children of the moon. Every member of this tribe was extremely handsome and beautiful, like immortal and fairies from heaven, but one fateful night 10 years ago, they were attacked by a group of mysterious people and thoroughly annihilated. 

Only Quinlan survived thanks to the help of the Prophet. 

That day, he was but a six-year-old child and ended up losing everything. 

He swore he would avenge his parents. 

He swore he would take revenge for the destruction of his tribe. 

He asked the man who the perpetrators were, but he refused to answer, saying he was but a child and the burden of catching and punishing the ruthless criminals was not his to carry. He should just live a carefree life.

Quinlan rebuked that if he wasn't going to tell him, he would find out about it himself, with tears running down his eyes. And that person had only sighed before dropping him off at the wizard community.

In the past ten years, he hadn't been able to find a single clue as to who was behind the destruction of his tribe. 

The only thing he knew was that the man who saved him knew the identity of the perpetrators. But he didn't know where to look for him. Now he finally knew, but he was in a place only a select few could enter. 


He could only enter that place if he accepted the letter and used it to enroll in the academy.

Thus, hearing the old man's words, Quinlan immediately reconsidered his decision to give up the letter.

'It might very well be my only chance of knowing the truth. I can't give up on it,' he thought.

In the end, he slid the letter under his sleeve, deciding against giving it up.

"Good choice," commended Kendrick. 

He continued speaking, "Aric here will accompany you to the academy to ensure your safety. You two should leave for the academy immediately, as it is still daylight hours, and there are exactly 11 hours before nightfall."

"Understood," Aric said.

"Before we leave, I hope you can answer one question of mine. Why was I given the letter, even though Brother Valerius performed better than me in the spirit vein awakening ceremony?" Quinlan asked, feeling it was unfair that he received the letter instead of Valerius.

"The person who entrusted me with the letter instructed me to give it only to 'The Limitless.' Valerius is not 'The Limitless,' but you, Quinlan, are," the old man answered honestly.

Quinlan's eyebrow jumped comically as if he had been struck by a bolt out of the blue. He was utterly shocked by this revelation and blurted out, "I am 'The Limitless'? Wasn't the existence of the Limitless just a fairy tale?"

"No, it's not a fairy tale," the old man said assertively. "Otherwise, how could you explain what you did in the awakening ceremony with your weak body? Don't tell me you thought you completed all the goals of the ceremony by a mere fluke?"

At that moment, Quinlan was left bewildered. He couldn't recall how he had achieved the end goal of the ceremony after blacking out. But if his success hinged on one of the nine divine spiritual physiques, then everything suddenly made sense. As a result, he was forced to accept this astonishing truth.

After that, Quinlan and Aric exited the tree house.

Once outside, he pulled out a flying sword from thin air and mounted it. Then, he whistled loudly. Immediately after, as if his call was a summon, a large intimidating bipedal beast with two pairs of large wings and bright intelligent eyes that looked like a wyvern swooped down from the sky and landed gracefully on the cliff, staring at them.

Feeling intimidated by its presence, Quinlan stepped closer to Aric. 

"What did you call it for?" Quinlan asked him.

"Riding a sword takes practice. And you clearly look inexperienced. So Nacurga will be your ride" Aric replied to him.

"But I have never ridden a beast before either." Quinlan said.

"Just hold on to its reins and you'll be fine," Aric said. 

Quinlan still didn't budge and asked, "Are you sure it's safe?" 

"Don't worry, it won't bite. Nacurga is friendly to humans. There's nothing to be afraid of," Aric reassured him, as he gently pushed him towards the beast, who looked at him with a curious but harmless glint in its eyes.

Seeing that it was harmless, Quinlan gathered his courage and walked towards the beast.

As he neared, the beast gently lowered its head. Quinlan extended his hand and hesitantly patted its head, and the Nacurga reacted to it harmoniously. 

Seeing this, he grabbed the reins and climbed up to the beast's back where he sat down on a leather saddle.

Aric whitsled again and Nacurga took flight. He followed after it, flying on his sword. 

"How long will it take to reach CWA?" Quinlan asked.

"I can't say anything for sure. It depends on how many stops we make and what we encounter on the way. The journey to the academy from our current location is incredibly long and arduous, after all. But if everything goes right, maybe a week?" he said. 

"I see," Quinlan said.


A carriage drawn by a fire-tailed steed was speeding through a winding path that led straight to the estate of Khaleji. Inside sat a young man who, despite possessing eyes and hair of a common color, looked far from ordinary. He was exceptionally attractive and possessed a presence that seemed to transcend the ordinary

Suddenly, a monotone voice rang in his ears. 


"Because of your actions, you have altered the fate of 'The Limitless' for the better and thus you have succeeded in completing the "Help the Protagonist avoid Unnecessary Hardship and Death Flags" secret mission. 

"As a result, you have been granted a reward by the Quest Book. 

"You have received the Primordial Pagoda.

"The Primordial Pagoda is an ancient artifact that houses many floors. These floors are guarded. Upon defeating the guardian of a floor, you will conquer that floor. Each successful conquest would reward you with a treasure tailored specifically to suit your needs."

Upon hearing this, Valerius burst into gleeful laughter. "Hahahaha!"

Armand, who was driving the carriage, was startled by the laughing sound erupting from the box behind him. 

'What's wrong with him? Why is he laughing like a maniac all of a sudden for apparently no reason? Should I go check it out?' he thought.


The roaring laughter, however, ceased after a few moments. Thus, Armand didn't feel compelled to check on him.