I Ask You To Manage The Gaming Company, But You Make Me The Richest Person? Book

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I Ask You To Manage The Gaming Company, But You Make Me The Richest Person?

Pretty Apricot Tree

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# SUPER RICH # NEW DAD Xu Zhi was transmigrated to planet Bluestar and became the stay-at-home husband of the President of a gaming company. When his wife got pregnant, his mother-in-law demanded that she return home to rest. Before heading back, his wife left the company in Xu Zhi's care, asking him to keep the company stable until she returned. However, ten months later, his wife, who had just given birth, learned that she became the richest woman in the country. Xu Zhi looked at his twin babies and silently promised, "I'm going to make your mother the richest person on this planet in a year!" ... When Xu Zhi took over the position of chairman, the first thing he did was cancel the development plan of a game with large investment and started to focus on a new game, Jumping the Line of Fire. "Sir! As someone who holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics, I don't agree with turning a small handgun that can only hold 4 bullets into one that can fire 18 bullets!" the Director of the planning team said. "Sir! 999 is just too expensive for this gun! No one would buy it!" the Director of another team said. No matter how much his employees were against his decision, Xu Zhi insisted on making the new game his way. A month later, the game's open beta was launched. On the first day, the game had earned the company ten million. In ten days, the earning from the game had reached three hundred million. In just a month, the company had earned more than a billion from that game alone. "You guys need to understand that the role of a gaming company is to provide their players with the best entertainment. What's the point of making something realistic in a virtual world? That's like adding salt to a dessert," Xu Zhi said. "Oh, right! Everyone will get a 10 thousand yuan bonus this month." "Long live the President!" all the employees cheered.


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