265 True Qi

Anyway, dexterity at this level was basically more than just hand speed. It also affected the 'cooldown' of many attacks under the physical methods system both for the Martial God and the Grand Knight systems he currently practiced.

As for Intelligence, it mostly buffed his Eyes of Illusion, raising the threshold one needed to be at to avoid being affected. The best part was that his eyes were also affected by tech boosts, so his full power 20 million boost was effective, meaning that in a tight spot, if Dante really wanted to subdue an enemy, they needed at least 40 million intelligence to break out.

Also, this was 'Intelligence' not 'Wisdom'. It allowed Dante to calculate things he knew and turn data into information through processing, not infer things he did not know and had no idea of knowing, as well as things he had never experienced.


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