5 The Next Step

[That is correct. It is a power that has been granted you by that high-dimensional being, no longer linked to me or your app.]

Dante suddenly jolted. "Right, that app!"

He then rushed to his laptop and lifted the screen, waking it from sleep mode. Just as he was about to type, he saw a bunch of random strings of code flash by on his laptop as if it were some cheap hackerman movie.

Dante was initially stunned then slapped his forehead.

"Is this your doing?" He asked the AI chip in his head.

[That is correct. I can interface with any electronic device, wireless network, or even wired network so long as it's either releasing a signal or has an access point. This is only at level 1, higher level AI chips can remotely access even the most secure intranets from kilometers away.]

Dante leaned back in his seat and rubbed his chin. "Huh. That's super neat and convenient. You are every user's dream."

[This is just the surface-level use. I only acted upon your laptop because I detected that you wished to access something on it. AI chips are designed to be one step ahead of their users, acting on their wishes and fulfilling their wants as well as their needs to the highest degree of perfection and efficiency.]

Dante shrugged. "Keep it up, I like the proactivity."

[I have checked the original code for the multipurpose app you created and copied it into my database, deleting it from your laptop system.]

Dante nodded. That was basically what he wanted to do, copy and paste the code elsewhere then delete it. He didn't want any liabilities leading to him down the road.

'Down the road huh…'

Dante pushed his seat back from the table and let it spin around slowly. He finally had to think about the most important thing right now, which was his next step.

Knowing about this alternate universe as well as his ability to go and come from it changed everything. His dream to make an app and get a few million dollars from it seemed childish and useless with what he just experienced.

The most logical way to move forward would be to make the most of this gift from the higher dimensional being. Dante did not know why it did this, but then did humans ever claim to know what the gods were thinking?

It might have done so for shits and giggles, but it didn't matter. What mattered was what Dante would do with it.

Dante slowly rubbed his temples, where he assumed the AI chip to be, and then smiled. It was a very dark smile that any young adult born after 2000 would make if they were in the same situation as him.

What other option was logical? Of course, it was the make the most of his opportunity!

To gain the best of both worlds!

He might be a backward, uneducated dog in the Eternal Universe, but that could be changed with time as he integrated into their world. More importantly, just a smidgen of tech and knowledge from their world could help him build an empire in this one!


Dante stood up in shock.

No, he had been thinking too small!

Where he landed was just a random cosmopolitan city on a random planet he didn't even know the name of, in a random galaxy within the Eternal Universe.

With the knowledge and advantages he could glean from the Eternal Universe, he could take over earth and expand outward! Conquer the solar system, then the Milky Way, then the entire Home Universe!

Then, use the resources of the Home Universe to counter-invade and take over the Eternal Universe!

My god!

Dante sat down with a frown. However, how many years will that take? Just growing his pedigree in the Eternal Universe to acquire information about top-level tech might take a while.

Not to mention, how was he supposed to expand outward without manpower? Humans can only give birth so fast…

[Cloning technology.]

Dante's eyes lit up. That was one way, but eh.

He'd watched the movies and played the games. Trying to mass control organic species would always backfire when they developed things like 'a sense of self' and start to desire luxuries like 'freedom'.

[Then Androids are the best option.]

Dante nodded. Synthetic humanoids made of metal with human skin and features were much better. He could control them with a single powerful AI that was linked to their central processors which would ensure peak efficiency and loyalty.

Of course, that was all far in the future. Whether it was on earth or on the other planet, he was broke. Even if he returned to that city and - assuming people didn't lunge after him again - he had absolutely zero of whatever currency they had.

Assuming he could even get things like gene serums, bionics, and psionics, how would he buy them? Was he supposed to sell his booty on the corner for quick cash?

No, Dante needed to plan things properly. First, he had to contrast and compare, as in what did earth have that the people in that universe valued or needed?

Well... apart from pure human DNA, which was why they were about to accost him, nothing else really.

Dante briefly considered robbing a sperm bank and selling the stuff in that city's black market, but he wouldn't even sell his own. After all, something so precious that could get random civilians frothing at the mouth for it was something that would make the news.

Dante had to make sure it was squeezed for its maximum value, and by the time he reentered that world, those who could make the most of that value would soon swarm to that planet to investigate his traces.

This was why he hadn't yet popped back in to take a peek. Not only that, but he had to make some common sense preparations first.

Dante stood up and walked downstairs to see that his mother was washing the dishes while his father was cutting up some fruits. Dante smiled, took one of the sliced apples, and took a bite with relish.

"Well, good to see someone is up and in a good mood." His father remarked with a stoic expression.

"Of course. You always told me growing up that the best way to start the day is with a positive mind, as it affects your success in all endeavors." Dante replied while opening the fridge for some milk.

David smiled slightly but suppress it and nodded. "Good to see you remember. It will help you now that you're an adult."

"Mhm, speaking of an adult. I want to accomplish something and acquire some advanced life skills. To that end, I rented a one-bedroom studio apartment in the mini-estate on the west side of the city."

Dante wore a solemn expression and faced his father. "Dad, I think it's about time the bird left the nest and learned how to fly on its own. What do you think?"

David paused and looked at Dante with a raised eyebrow. He then nodded and smiled slightly.

"Sure, as long as you remain safe and know what you're doing."

Eh? That's all? No fierce rejection?

"What about you mom? How do you feel?" Dante asked cautiously.

His mother placed the last dish in the rack and then removed her gloves before inverting them and carefully placing them to the side. She turned and walked to Dante with a gentle look.

"Well, I'm not too happy that my baby is leaving. However, I've greedily kept you around for 21 years, I can't always keep you forever."

She then hesitated and made a soft request. "Just… just make sure to call often as well as to come and check in on us okay?"

Dante felt his heart soften. "Aww mom, you're so cute."

He moved to hug his mother and kissed her on each side of her cheek, which she received with a roll of her eyes. Dante then turned to look at his dad, who looked back at him calmly.

…Dante wisely chose not to try that with him. He was sure he wouldn't be leaving the house with his head attached if he did.

"Right then, I'm going to go pack and then move out asap. There are a lot of things I want to try and learn in the coming month." Dante confessed with a smile.

"Sure, go ahead. When you're done, we'll go ahead and drop you there so we see where you are in case of an emergency." David commented calmly.

Dante nodded and walked upstairs, his heart feeling heavy. However, he knew he couldn't be going in and out of an alternate universe in his parent's house.

He didn't have much to pack, only his laptop, some books, and some clothes. He didn't even pack toiletries and the like because he could buy new ones and also because he would come home often if things got too hot at his other place.

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