86 Supercoin Payout

Dante smiled with satisfaction at his growth and felt that he was at the peak of the first step of his power. He checked the public records and found that his current SDI was already in the top 5% of the entire universe.

At least, of what was publicly made available.

That was a crazy concept that would be hard to fathom. If one did a census of the universe, the final number that would come out might take an entire day to speak out.

Of this horrendous number, Dante was in the top 5%.

Feeling proud, he gobbled up his food quickly and then left his residence, walking casually towards the Student Enhancement Center. This was the hub of all upgrades a student could receive, whether physical or mental.

When Dante entered, it was choked to the brim as usual with students of different years and batches who came to seek improvements for themselves. This time, there were some Unique Batch students ahead of him, so Dante still had to wait.


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