257 Storming The Council 3

Portia's eyes narrowed, because how could the reactions of the seven escape her when everyone was subdued under her pressure? She also saw the expressions of the others and basically gauged who was guilty and who was not.

The rest were small fries who Dante could revenge on himself using his own preferred means. Portia would not go as far as to chase them down for their petty schemes, but she definitely could not allow the attempted murder to go unpunished.

"Just as I thought, it's you lot. The so-called Supreme Council of the Eternal Universe in the First Gate," Portia sneered as she focused on the seven.

To this, the faces of everyone became blank because they did not understand what was going on? What is a Supreme Council? What is a First Gate? They knew of a Zero Gate, but since when was there anything like a First Gate.


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