264 Stats Farming 2

The wildebeests that were left could swear that even though pink/black-skinned humans were utterly ugly in their eyes, at this moment, there was no one more handsome to them than Dante!

They cried out and scattered far away from here, not willing to watch nor engage in this fight, which was naturally the wisest choice. As for Dante, he felt the near-limitless blood qi in his body as a martial god and smiled.

Using just this aura alone, he was sure he could dominate foes with up to 1.5x his stats, and he hadn't even added his Knight's Life Essence yet!

With a roar, an explosion occurred in the distance as the famous 'earth dragon,' as called by the Orientals, broke out of its trappings using the shockwaves from its cry. It then shook off the rubble as it glared at Dante with hatred in its eyes.


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