316 S Rank Quantum Entanglement

Dante glanced at the deranged Lara Sanguis and felt extreme pity. It was clear that this was an emotionally and mentally damaged being who had already been dealt with by someone else, and could only eke away an ignoble existence as she tried to recover her power.

Dante recollected Levi and left the quantum space with a pensive expression. He decided to take up the Cosmic Tree on its offer to reach S Rank for them to be able to speak directly, so Dante found a reinforced room and sat down to begin practicing.

He was already on the cusp, so there was no suspense with his breakthrough. The shockwave that erupted caused the entire base to be ripped to shreds, but Dante had already warned the AI managing the base of what would happen, so many things had been evacuated before the event.


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