254 Portia Portinari

The room became silent as everyone glanced at the renewed woman who exuded a great amount of power, with looks of disbelief. Even though they knew that the item Dante brought should revive Portia, it was one thing to know it and another to actually see it succeed.

"Portia… my love… is that you?" Augeus choked out slowly, rising to his feet as he glanced at Portia with bloodshot eyes full of tears.

Portia seemed a bit disoriented and dazed, but when she glanced at Augeus, her eyes cleared up by more than half.

"Au… geus…?" She muttered slowly, as if knowing that this name meant much to her but was struggling to remember.

Portia's eyes moved to Aunty Zest, who was trying to wipe her tears, and her eyes became even clearer.



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