I am the God of Technology

Dante is a budding young man who has the dreams and hopes of entering society with his own skills, independent of the help of family and friends. As a small-time app developer, he eventually tries to jailbreak his new phone when a malfunction occurs, and his phone swallows him into a wormhole. On the other side, Dante appears in an alleyway of a bustling city... Avalon! This futuristic city leaves him dumbfounded until he is prompted by his phone which has now merged into his body that he can travel between two universes, Earth and the Eternal Universe. Can Dante achieve his dreams with the fortunate starting point granted to him? And how could the universe sit by and let him grow without challenging him at every step? ----------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/HU8GbjfTq2

Kotario · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
370 Chs

Origin Core

Dante's roar was accompanied by a loud shattering sound as a green light emerged from his eyes and mouth, surging out of his body and forming the silhouette of a spiky-haired great ape that was pounding its chest.

The moment it left his body, Dante seemed extremely exhausted and hollowed out, but he still managed to guide it into the sun-sized orange ball of light. Once it entered, the miniature sun pulsed greatly and rhythmically, like a beating heart.

Dante, Beatrice, and Etz Chaim watched silently and breathlessly as the heart pulsed once, twice, three times and continued to do so for what felt like an eternity. Its tempo increased with each pulse, becoming stronger and stronger with each run until a huge flash of light occurred, and the sun-sized sphere released a shockwave of orange light that passed through everything.