272 Goodbye, True Martial World!

After dealing with Liang, Dante called Mei Leiluo back and instructed her to follow him. As for Jia Susu, she would remain at the Supreme Martial Hall's Green Wind City branch and be nurtured by Hao Donglei personally until she was ready to ascend to the province level.

In the meantime, Dante casually cast a 9th Bank teleportation spell that took them exactly where he wanted to go. This spell could even cross planes for 9th Rank mages; crossing continents was pretty easy.

When the two stepped out on the other side, they found themselves within the scope of a barren wasteland with craggy rocks and huge craters.

Mei Leiluo looked at this desolation in disbelief. "Would you believe me if I told you that this was previously a beautiful forested area with lakes and rivers?"

Dante smiled knowingly. "I can tell. The traces of battle still linger, and it seems like we are not too late."


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