149 Dante's Ambition

What was Solaris saying? That out there were millions of superpower users from his home universe who had gathered here to absorb Zero Energy?

Dante's mind almost exploded. One should know that even the Eternal Universe, with its greatly developed superpowered society, did not have so many superpowered users due to the limited amount of Fruits of Condensation.

Not to mention that their superpowered users were not all gathered in one place. The Eternal Academy kept the younglings, while various organizations, factions, and alumni groups kept the veterans.

Dante had taken it for granted, just like any other student of the school, when they were told that the Headmistress deterred all other forces from fighting over the Zero Gate. It hadn't hit until now that if all the factions gathered like this, they could swarm the school to death.


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