18 Chapter 18. Cute Danica And Satisfied Damien

"You dislike me?" Even though she didn't showed anything but she was getting anxious in her heart. You know she really care for his opinion.

Now she is like a ant on hot pan.

Damien chuckled and replied "Don't worry mom, I am not disappointed with you but it's just mom you are really bad to massacre whole family."

There was a smile on the corner of her mouth. He finds out that his and his mother thoughts and actions are same most of the times.

Danica saw his smile and snorted.

"Stop making fun of me." At the same time she relieved that he don't like her.

"Anyways mom, why did you ordered to massacre this family?" He asked a little curiously. It's not because she had menstruation so she destroyed that family right?

"It's because i want to obtain their ancestral artifact."

"Ohh mom, I, you are really bad. But I like it." After all he is bad then her.

"Hmph! However I really didn't expected that this family would escape here. This time I am sure to get that artifact and give that to you." She snorted hearing from him that she is bad.

At the same time she thought to give that artifact to him because even though she needs that artifact but as his mother she thought of him before her.

Damien was surprised and at the same time a little touched.

'My mother is really a great. I don't know who is my father?' His eyes flashed coldly.

Danica saw him a little silent.

She thought he was touched by her.

She asked "What you were toched by me?"

Damien was silent for a while before asking "Mom, I want to ask who is my father."

Even though he didn't like to call father word but at least he wanted to know who was his father.

'If possible just kil---'

"That," Danica was stunned then she hesitated and didn't know how to answer him.

"What are hesitating mom? If you don't want to tell me it's fine too." Even though in bad mood but he won't continue if she didn't wanted that.

"N-no, it's that I don't know how to tell you. Actually my virginity is still intact."

"What!? Mom, am I your adopted child!?" Damien was really stunned.

"No! You are my child. Don't you see your face which is 99% similar to mine." She snorted. That's why she didn't wanted to say that.

"T-then how?" He was puzzled too.

"I don't know, when I was calculating the entire immortal domain at that time I suddenly felt a life start to get nourished in my womb. That, I think you don't have a father." She hesitated but still told him truth.

Damien was pleasantly surprised. At the same time he was delighted.

'What a good thing! I don't have a father.'

He coughed and didn't know what to say.

"That, aren't you angry?"

"Why would I?"

"I mean, I don't tell you that before."

"Why would I? I mean yes I am angry and need to appeased."

Danica was relieved but at the same time amused.

She asked "What does my son want so he can forgive his poor mother?"

"I want you to kiss me on the cheeks." Even though he isn't a lewd person and didn't like incest. Umm he wrote incest wholesome novel too in his previous life but by that it couldn't confirm that he like incest right?

He just want his mother to kiss his cheeks. After all his mother is too cute.

"Okay" Danica didn't think much and agreed. Anyways it's her son.

Damien saw that his mother face zoomed in his view so he changed his face location.

Just when she was about to kiss her son cheeks suddenly Aurora come from the shadows and said "Young miss, I"

But hearing Aurora, Damien subconsciously turned his face towards his face and so their mom and son lips meet.

Their eyes widen and so did Aurora's.

She looked at the scene in front of quite stunned.

'W-w-what did I saw? My end is near!'

Damien come back to his senses but he didn't pushed her aside but kissed her lips for sometime until his mother finally come back to her senses and weakly separated.

Danica felt her body becomes so soft that it was about to collapse.

'I-I kissed my son? That was seen by her again.' She greeted her teeth and looked at Aurora but in fact she was secretly happy and won't do anything to Aurora and even reward her.


"Mom, your lips are so sweet."

"Stop! You shouldn't say something like that to your mother. It was just an accident and don't think much about this and you yes you Aurora why did you come!?" Danica strictly said to her son and asked Aurora.

Even though she is happy but she didn't wanted her son to think much about that. She had already thought that she will remain single for the rest of her life.

Aurora was paralyzed and couldn't say anything.

But Damien was not happy hearing her.

She kissed his lips and she is the one in fault? How can he take that blame.

He snorted and put his hands on her face.

He said "I asked you to kiss my cheeks not my lips. Let me take what I asked for."

He didn't waited and kissed her on her cheeks.

He didn't kissed her deeply and said "It's complete."

"Anyways aunt Aurora why did you come?" Damien wlay this time was really satisfied by Aurora.

She is really a good woman.

"I want to report the investigation what I had personally investigated."

"Ohh it's important. You did a good job. Tell me how the situation." He nodded and asked curiously.

Yes it was finally turn to know about protagonists connection and relationship. After all it's a important chess piece in his game.


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