I Am The Destiny Villain Book

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I Am The Destiny Villain


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Damien was reincarnated as the villain in a shelved novel. He find himself on a wedding scene where the protagonist was destined to rob the marriage. He smirked while looking at the proud protagonist and arrogant heroine. Aren't you proud and arrogant? Let you know the consequences of offending the Villain! Destroy the background behind you and capture your family! Don't you love her? Aren't you the son of fortune? Kneel Down!! Now the choice is yours! Do you choose your family or the heroine? "Hehehe didn't the heavenly dao want to suppress and kill me? Let's see how I will play with your chosen 'son and daughters' to death! When the auspicious time will come, I will kill you too!!!" *** Tags: Reincarnation - Chaotic Evil Main Character - Fantasy World - Different Races - Harem - No Yuri - No NTR - But Contains Netori - Milf - R18 - Smut - Pregnancy - Slice of Life *** To see character's illustrations and to get instant chapter release, join my discord server; https://discord.gg/38sHvNaUzr