1 Chapter 1. Damien VoidAngel

Azure World,

Magic City, Azure Bliss Hotel!

Azure Bliss Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in magic city. Even First class family need to spend a huge fortune to book a room but today the entire hotel is booked by VoidAngel family.

It's booked because the young master of the VoidAngel, one of the main family in magic city, is getting married to the miss of Belmont, a third class family.

There were many people's inside the hotel who come but all of them were from upper family in magic city.

Even many celebrities come and they were proud of getting invitation for this wedding.

In the centre of the stage stood a beautiful girl. That girl name was Emily and she was the bride for today's wedding.

Emily face was delicate and her graceful body couldn't be covered by wedding dress. At this time she was looking at the man who was sitting on the chair with disgust.

The man in front of her should have been her husband but Emily regarded that today is the day when her heart would completely die.

The celebrities and people's who come can see her cold face and there was deep sorrow on her face as if today was not her wedding but a family member funeral.

"Damien, I hope you keep your promise and don't attack my family."

"Even if you get my body but you won't get my heart, if you still attack my family. I will only hate you for the rest of my life!"

"After the wedding I want you to leave me but don't worry, I won't do anything to be sorry for the VoidAngel family."

When Emily spoke she didn't covered her voice and all people's heard her clearly.

They could see that she was not happy with the marriage and there wasn't any happy smile that she should have on her face at this event.

On the contrary her expression were quite opposite as if she was attending a funeral.

Many celebrities and upper class people's looked at this scene and started speaking in low voice.

Most of them were women's.

Gossiping is the nature of women and cannot be changed even if they attend the wedding ceremony of a big family.

"Look! She didn't look happy at all."

"Tsk, I really envy Emily. When she will enter the VoidAngel family, she will really flew to the branches and became a phoenix."

"What's more, I have seen the bride price of the VoidAngel family. They give them a precious marrow wash pill and with that they would have a foundation realm powerhouse."

"Tsk, but look at her she still doesn't look happy and there is a stinky face. Sure enough what is favoured would have no fear"

"Young master Damien is still a good man. It's just he is too infatuated with her. There are so many beautiful women, why can't he look at me, why bother looking for a big lady who doesn't know how to be grateful."

"So, men just can't be licking dogs because licking until the end would get nothing."

"Shut up, you don't want to live anymore? What is the status of the VoidAngel family! We attend this wedding because we want to hug the thighs of VoidAngel family and you are talking openly about this."

There was a man on the scene who reprimand his friend who just said that licking the dog would get nothing and the young master of VoidAngel family is a licking dog.

Even though everyone in the magic city know that the young master of VoidAngel family is a licking dog but no one dare to say that in front of his face.

At this time all people's eyes were focused on the centre of the stage where there was a sofa for bride and groom to sit. A man was sitting alone on there.

The man had closed his eyes and his one hand was put on the sofa while other on his thighs. That man face was so handsome that it can almost infatuate any women.

That man is the groom and young master of VoidAngel family.

He is Damien VoidAngel!

At this time Damien was thinking 'What happened? Why I just closed my eyes and the scene dramatically changed?'

Damien 'travelled' through just now.

Even though he knows that he had 'transmigrated' into another world but he wasn't panicking.

He knows the more is this situation the more he should remain calm so no one can see his falsehood.

He didn't want to be the unlucky traveler who died shortly after time traveling.

Then suddenly a wave of memories come into his mind as if they were in his mind from the beginning.

In the process he didn't felt any pain.

Just after he get the memory a 'ding' sounded inside his mind.

[Ding, detected the host has reached the plot time and the system is awakening.]

[Ding, the system has been completely awakened.]

[Ding, the destiny villain system will serve the host in the future.]

Damien was surprised when he saw a blue screen opening in front of him. Even if he had closed his eyes he can still see it as if this is a illusion.

As a author in his previous life, how he can't knows the system which is the earliest package of the reincarnation or transmigration protagonists.

The system is the key which is used by author's to empower the main character 'logically.'

'It seems this is my golden finger.' He thought and asked inwardly "Hey system, Introduce yourself and tell me why did I transmigrated here?"

[Ding, the system is called destiny villain system! The system can plunder the fate and luck of lucky people's who are often called protagonist and heroine.]

[Ding, not only protagonists and heroines but as long as the person is lucky the system can plunder their luck and fate.]

[Ding, by killing and plundering their fate the host would get villain pointes. Villain points is the exclusively currency of the system. Villain points can buy anything inside the system mall and they are almost omnipotent.]

[Ding, the host has awakened the memory of his previous life just now. He was reincarnated not transmigrated.]

"Is that so?" Damien was relieved when he heard that he was reincarnated but awakened his previous life memories just now.

If he would get transmigrated then he would feel weird and uncomfortable. First is that it's not his body and second is that when his women will give birth to his child then the child would be his or not?

That's why he didn't wanted to get transmigrated.

"Then system who created you?" He asked inwardly. Even though he knows that the chances of system telling him are almost none but he still asked.

He didn't wanted to become a high level god toy.

[Ding, the system didn't know how it come into existence but the system has only one rule that is to serve the host completely.]

Damien nodded his head slightly inside his heart. As for whether he believed the system or not only he knows.

He smiled and asked gently "Then can I change the system rules and delete you?"

[Ding, host can't change the core rule that is to plunder the fate of lucky people's but the host can change everything else.]

[Ding, the host can delete the system spirit. Is it deleted?]

Damien shook his head and thought 'It seems the system is somehow reliable.'

"No don't delete the system spirit. But change the system according to my thoughts! Also do you have any intial gift package?" He asked.

At this time he totally remembered the scene in his memory. Isn't this scene from the novel which he was reading before.

'The Soldier King.'


[Disclaimer: This novel is purely fictional. Do not mix real life with fictional life.]

[The novel is set in the modern world but it will eventually move to a fantasy world.]

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