I am the 'Supreme' Spider-Man

Becoming the 'Supreme' Spider-Man– A normal man died and found himself taking over the identity of the 'Spider-Man' Lead A.K.A Peter Parker! Web of Destiny become intangible and messy, because of his sole existence, countless tragedies were coming to his life.... Fortunately, the most basic 'Gift' for a Transmigrator was acquired by him–a System! Living in a Marvel Universe where a single flick of a finger the world can END. Countless Powerhouses linger in the shadows! Peter Parker– what will he do? Will he change his Fate? Will he be able to fight for the World he resides in? Most of all.... Can he protect those who he treated as.... a Family? Follow Peter Parker on his journey to become the Supreme Spider-Man! However..... Gwen: "P-Pete.....r?" Peter Paker: "Gwen?" Gwen: "Why is there a yellow box in front of me? Pfft..." Peter: "???" Peter: "Y-You! Gwenpoo–" Gwen: "Damnit! Don't spoil the fun Petehr! Shh... Shh.... Readers will be spoiled...." Gwendolyn Stacy: "Wha- Who's that Peter!!!" Peter: ┐⁠( ̄⁠ヘ⁠ ̄⁠)⁠┌ . . . . Note: To tell you the truth I didn't even read Marvel Comics, I just wanted to write this for fun, haha! This has a smut scene also. Cover photo not mine–CTTO.

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Special Spider-Man's Suit

Droplets of transparent water coated Peter's body, he was drenched with the very fresh liquid that came from his shower–tool. He was closing his eyes, as he has a calm serenity, his head was tilted up, and as water landed directly on his face, he seems to be lost in time, as he just stood there silently.

Then at this moment, Peter's eyes opened, as he turned off the shower, as he was already done washing his naked body, he brushed his black hair up, as his full face was on exposition, he took a step naked, as he exited the bathroom, and then grabbed the white towel and wrapped it around his waist, then he found himself in front of a dazzling mirror, as his eyes raised seeing himself.

"Hmm, this.... is fine. Physique is what I needed to improve for now, and how to Enhance my body's durability–I don't need to be that muscular..... Maybe I should achieve quite a perfect body." Peter held his chin, as he muttered those words that came out of his mouth. Seeing his body that was too skinny in these past days–now it's near the normal rate. Though, even if he's skinny, at least he has the potency to back it up, now that he was bitten by that Spider hellishly–adding that he injected himself with the Syrum–without a doubt, his body was maybe far stronger than a youth at his age.

Peter shrugged for now, as he look at his wrist where his Web was coming out, he was hesitant–He has the Organic Web that personally came out of him–his body. But, he knew that it wasn't infinite, it can be emptied. He doesn't have any source of Web in times of emergency, he only has the source of white liquid down there, Peter himself knew that it's still better to make an improvise WebShooter–

"That'll be easy as slicing a cake–if I have the materials needed–also..... a fucking money." Peter as a Spider-Man was broke, he only has a minimum amount of money for himself– 'Should I secretly create it under Dr. Connor's Lab?' Peter immediately shook his head, which was giving a bad taste to his tongue, 'Or.... Immediately bought the available shares of the Stark Company–' Yet again, he doesn't have the capital to buy those shares. Money is what he needed the most.

Peter strolled, as he wore underwear and his regular clothes on, he isn't going to attend class, as he was already late, and May was helpless at this. She almost thinks that Peter's words yesterday night were a lie to her.

Back to Peter's perspective, he sat on the wooden chair inside of his room, and he sough, in the past he read a Spider-Man Fanfic where the MC was a Friendly Neighborhood YouTuber Spider-Man, Peter was also thinking of making content to receive subs, views, etc for money, but it's a hassle, after all, he ain't gonna be a goody goody hero, making a certain individual's life perished is an easy task–like would you not kill a man who was targeting little children? Those Pedophiles..... There are more blackened criminals here after all, and Peter too wanted to try something with his Fangs and desire for fresh flesh. He unconsciously gulped again, biting his lower lip and then slowly sucking his own blood, Peter felt strange but the taste of his own blood was delicious for his taste–they say curiosity killed the cat, so, Peter wanted to try it on a Human–

'it's the urge for blood..... it's little by little affecting my thinking.' He inwardly listed that problem.

Peter for sure will control this problem, he didn't want to be the Spider Who Bite.

After a second of silence, Peter scratch the back of his head, "System, I'll claim the Reward for the day. Hope you'll be allocating me something useful."

Immediately after that, a red screen popped out–

‹ Ding! The System Congratulate the host for successfully becoming Spider-Man— System's Notification: From now on some Rewards/Gifts that will be given to the host is going to be connected to the host's Spider Abilities etc. (Note: Only Sum.) ›

‹ Supreme-Level Spider-Man's System is upgraded– ›

‹ 4th Daily Special Reward Opening.... Congratulations to the host, you receive the Reward– Special Spider-Man Suit. ›

‹ Special Spider-Man's Suit ›

– All of the Spider-Man has suits, as the newly born Spider, this is the System's Special Gift for the Host. A Tailored Suit with adjustment for you to use only.

– All of the items used for it were primordially precious. Capable of enduring the–Bio-Electricity, Not Rippable, and has an advanced mechanism that will automatically adjust for the host's body. Etc.


"What–!" Peter was caught off guard, though he wanted to cry, as his tears bleed, he especially wanted to make a tailored suit for himself– looking at the System's Reward made him like a whining little child.

Under his eyes, Peter saw a red ball of light emerging, as it floats in front of him, and as the light dimmed down, Peter saw the Spider Suit that the System gave to him.

Inspecting the Spider Suit, Peter admitted that it was kinda cool, though he sneered a little, "You copy some of Miguel O'Hara's suit... But—not that too much."

He walks in a circular state, as he observed the Suit, the Spider Suit itself has a dark color, though the Sharp Spider in front has a small red Octagon line–on the chest down to the abdomen area was colored in a very light red color, as he was sure the red light will be more visible in the dark. The Spider's insignia on the chest was quite different, as near the stomach the long sharp fangs painted in red were displayed, and the 8 legs were connected through the designs, 4 on the left and 4 on the right, through the shoulders until the hands have some red lines until half if the fingertips, as the nail areas were red too, on the back of the suit, there's another Spider insignia, though it was glinting in bloody red color, Peter caressed in through the tips of his fingertips, and the texture surprised him a little.

Also, in addition to the description, there's a red thread of line, like a Web design all over his suit, while the red area, it's dark color.

"Like an advan–" Peter couldn't continue his words, as abruptly the Spider Suit attached to him, and enveloped his body.

"...." Peter immediately look at himself in the mirror, and he gasped. Now that he noticed it, the Suit's Face Design was completely different from Miguel O'Hara's style. Peter's Spider mask was like the same as others, though the eyes were like squinting lightly, and he the color was red too, as he shot a web on the switch of his light, turning it off.

Of course, he wasn't worried that his web wouldn't come out–it's tailored for him.

It really did fit him!

Peter can see clearly, but–"There's also an A.I like functions, eh? Damage Bar? and–also..... a red circle–hm, it's like from Iron Man's suit." He whistled at the marvelous spectacular scene.

< Voice Recognition Added– Recognition Completed– Owner: Peter Parker can turn off the Suit by stating 'Suit Off' exact at turning it 'On' too. >

< Testing Battle Mode– On. >


"Battle..... Mode suit....!?" Peter was once again surprised, as he saw the Suit's transformation.

As the reddish Spider insignia on his chest beamed, lightening as the red lines also do the same, he saw the Spider suit's eyes sharpen, and raising his hands, he saw that there were sharp red claws on it, on the Suit's foot are too. But on his back, the red spider sign was slowly lightening with red beamed, as immediately an 8 long skinny red Spider-like arms spread fully on his back, as Peter found himself controlling it in such a pitiful manner.

Peter felt disheartened that he couldn't find himself motivated to make a Spider Suit, seeing this Suit that came from the system itself, he could only sigh in defeat.

"Yup.... I'm still going to create one of these–if this suit got broken—" Peter will make one Spider Suit, made by his own hands, after all relying on System too much isn't his thing. He wouldn't let himself used to being spoiled by Mommy Systema.

While Peter was appreciating his Spider Suit, suddenly he heard a knock on the door of his room.

"Peter….." May called outside of his room, "Brave young man. I thought you are going to be responsible.... yet you had forgotten to eat your breakfast!"


"M–May.... Wai—" Peter panicked, as he was still wearing his Spider Suit, immediately as he analyze the speed and time, Peter Immediately said, "S—Suit Off!"





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