I am the 'Supreme' Spider-Man

Becoming the 'Supreme' Spider-Man– A normal man died and found himself taking over the identity of the 'Spider-Man' Lead A.K.A Peter Parker! Web of Destiny become intangible and messy, because of his sole existence, countless tragedies were coming to his life.... Fortunately, the most basic 'Gift' for a Transmigrator was acquired by him–a System! Living in a Marvel Universe where a single flick of a finger the world can END. Countless Powerhouses linger in the shadows! Peter Parker– what will he do? Will he change his Fate? Will he be able to fight for the World he resides in? Most of all.... Can he protect those who he treated as.... a Family? Follow Peter Parker on his journey to become the Supreme Spider-Man! However..... Gwen: "P-Pete.....r?" Peter Paker: "Gwen?" Gwen: "Why is there a yellow box in front of me? Pfft..." Peter: "???" Peter: "Y-You! Gwenpoo–" Gwen: "Damnit! Don't spoil the fun Petehr! Shh... Shh.... Readers will be spoiled...." Gwendolyn Stacy: "Wha- Who's that Peter!!!" Peter: ┐⁠( ̄⁠ヘ⁠ ̄⁠)⁠┌ . . . . Note: To tell you the truth I didn't even read Marvel Comics, I just wanted to write this for fun, haha! This has a smut scene also. Cover photo not mine–CTTO.

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Enhanced Spider Abilities

May opened her eyes once again, she blinked twice, as she rubbed her groggy eyesight. She took a proper seat, as she noticed that she was covered by a quilt, as she still wore her workwear clothing. Thinking back to what transpired yesterday night, she looked around and found out that she was inside of Peter's room.

"Wha–P....Peter?" May shouted for Peter, but she did not receive a reply, her eyes scanned the entire room of her boy, and Peter was nowhere to be seen.

Recollecting the events yesterday night, May couldn't contain herself from sighing deeply, as Peter's words caused an impact on her ears, even though she was at ease, she was still somewhat worried, 'My Peter is starting to act like a man with.... responsibilities....' She thought inwardly, those profound words that held with an ego were unforgettable, 'Are you seeing this Ben...? Our Peter.....' She look up and muttered those words as if she was asking the non-existent Ben.

May was about to stand up, but she saw a note on the side of the bed, it was Peter's note before he left, grabbing it May carefully read it all, though her smile never faded discovering that their bond has deepened somehow, and her heart felt light.





Meanwhile– On a certain abandoned building, it was rusty and quite dirty, as the building has a 5th floor, outside of this was a person wearing a black hoodie, he wore a brown stretchable pants, as well as his old Jordan shoes.

His expression was seen, but his forehead some strands of hair were covering his, though his eyes were bloody red, as if it was like beaming under the light of the morning sun.

"Finally, a suitable place....." Peter said while breathing hard, he run around the nearby neighborhood, as he search for empty space, he was fortunate that he found a abandoned Old Motel quite far away from his house. He removed his hoodie atop of his head, and as his hair flew caused by the breezing air, he inhaled the fresh silence of the place, even though what his eyes saw was not appreciable.

Though Peter himself didn't care, and he took a step and strode inside, as he walk his ears kept twitching, the loud buzzing noise of a fly was heard by him, as he frown at it, his Hearing too improve a lot, he was inside yet he could hear the fly's noise outside, he looks up as his eyes squinted too, like a camera, his vision extended quite near, as his reddish pupils shrink a little.

"As I expected.... I received some improvement–but.... it is almost too much." Peter was not complaining, he like it. But, the way his ears receive the sounds outside, especially when he ran on the streets, his eardrums almost exploded, but he know that they wouldn't.

He knows that all he needs was to adjust himself–precisely his body and mentality to this newly added Powers. He also needs to get used to it all, that's why he'll be doing practice starting now–after all, Spider-Man's appearance is a must even though for him is not.

Though, Peter's head was quite messy, thinking of the future problems, and the outcome of his appearance–

He didn't know what the future and the Web of Life and Destiny prepared for him, as he was his own version of Peter Parker– A.K.A Spider-Man.

"I should meditate.... One's messy mind is a most troublesome problem." He needs to clear his head, that's his point. He was spatting bulshit, remembering an Old man's quote, as he said that he survived the Matrix.

Peter then sat his buttocks on the dirty floor of the building, as the eerie silence once again overlapped the place, he was sitting cross-legged as he inhaled and exhaled relaxingly. He cleared his mind, emptying it all, throwing such thought, like a flowing water pouring down into a transparent glasses without wasting a single drop.

As he consumed time, Peter's eyes opened, and his red eyes seems to be not changing anymore. It was like the exact color of blood.


He released all of the tension on that sighed, as he stood up and patted his buttocks.

"Let's..... see..." Peter then faces a wall, as he looks up, he found it already high enough to test his Spider Abilities.

He raised his hands and then spread his palms, as he let them touch the cold wall, remembering one of Spider-Man's abilities, he concentrated, as he used his enhanced eyesight to look at the side of his palms, near under it, as he saw something that made him smile, using the information that he surfed in the past, Peter relaxed his body, as his arms too, then he started Wallcrawling, the first try was a failure, but using his bit of intelligence, the 2nd try become successful, as Peter found himself crawling though his only using his two hands, he wore a shows that's why he couldn't use the ones on his feet.

With a victorious chuckle, Peter then started crawling to the top of the wall, like a spider slowly taking a silent step before hopping on its prey, "My Wallcrawling ability seems to be firm and more.... stronger..." He then fasten his crawling pace, and his speed too increased–The Agility.

As he tried that he stopped, finding himself in the exact middle spot of the building, the inside was almost demolished after all, he adjusted himself on the surface, 'Guess this is how he mentally maintains to any surface.' he remembered, as he read the part where Spider-Man fought with Electro–one of the Supervillain. He guessed that the power was related to static electricity.

He didn't know what the Super Spider's Bite did to him, as he expected his 5 senses to improve, but Peter has something to try firstly–

"Now–it's webbing time..." Peter didn't know if he has an Organic Web, but he prayed that he has, looking down and seeing the height of his fall, he closed his eyes, as he let go of his palms attaching to the surface of the wall.

Peter let himself free in the air, as his front was going to be the first that'll land, as he falls continuously, Peter fully closed his eyes, and when he was about to commit suicide, where his body was about to touch the layer of the floor, unconsciously his instinct alerted, at the exact time before he landed, he pressed his middle and ring finger on his palm.


A white string of silk was released from his left wrist, and Peter look at it with stunned and amused eyes.

"F-Fuck me! It's..... It's Organic Web." Peter was surprised. (Exaggerating a little.) With this he could spare his time from inventing the Webshooter.

Peter then look at his other arm, as he started swinging in the air, he was clumsy as he admitted it, and his aerial movements were awkward. Due to losing himself on keep on shooting webs, as an hour passed, he was near getting used to it, as Peter hanged himself atop, as he remembered the reward that he got from the system–his 3rd.

‹ 3rd Daily Reward Opening.... Congratulations to the host, you receive the Reward– Flexible Body. ›

Though, he scratched his head when he saw that, as becoming a Spider-Man was already flexible.

Peter shook his head, he still didn't claim his 4th Reward for the day, "Sys–"



Suddenly, Peter felt his pocket near his thigh vibrating, where his phone was stored, it shook his laying eggs, as Peter with one hand grabbed the phone.

Seeing the one that texted him–

Gwen... and Mary Jane...

Peter read the two young ladies' text to him, Gwen was like trying to annoy him, yet she kept asking if he was okay–worried because of his abnormalities at the Oscorp Building.

While Mary Jane..... He sighed as he closed his phone, thinking of Mary Jane–Old Peter's grievance seems to never fade.....


As Peter lowered himself down to the floor, he fixes his hoodie, as he was full of sweat.

It was enough for today–his Aunt May will precisely be angered again, as he was late.

With a light mood, as he adventures his new Abilities, Peter started to jog back to his house, not knowing a string of Web of Life and Destiny trembling, as it snapped and then–





The door opened, and May found Peter walking inside quite sweaty.

"Pete–I approved you for doing something like this, but.... please kindly put a control, okay?" May walked to Peter, but her nose wrinkled at Peter's smell.

"Pete–You–go.... take a shower, you're smelling," May said with a disgusting face covering her nose, though as she was back to herself, she was exaggerating, teasing her Peter.

Naturally, Peter sees through her, his lips arched into a mischievous smile, "Really?" Peter spread his arms wide, and under May's horrified expression, he embraced her for a second before running away.

May was left standing, as she sniffed his scent and it was so addictive.


"Was sweat supposed to smell this good....?!"






A/N: Timeline in the original will not be followed, like Tony Starks, as I'll fast-paced it a little.

This chapter is kinda bad–😐