16 Relax

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"But… but isn't this too much? Even if the seniors from the treasure vault took 1.2 million, we still have 1.2 million left. After removing the cost for setting up the array formation, we still have 410,000 spirit stones left ! Are they willing to just give it to us?"

Li Daoran did not believe that they would share such a huge piece of the cake for no reason.

Lu Xiaoran smiled.

"You're not stupid, but you haven't seen the true nature of things."

"Although they're not afraid of the sect master, if this matter is exposed, their families will inevitably have to pay a price to protect them. After all, this matter is ultimately not honorable. They gave us so many spirit stones just to drag us down together with them."

"This is called being in the same boat! Do you understand?"

"Moreover, they guard the treasure vault every day. All the expenses and income of the sect are under their control. Do you think they care about a mere 300,000 to 400,000 spirit stones? You're underestimating them too much."

"Most importantly, the bird that sticks out gets shot. If the truth gets revealed, the more spirit stones we take, the less responsibility they will have to share. In this way, they will also receive less blame from the other sect disciples."

"To put it bluntly, they're using these 400,000 spirit stones to get us involved. It's also to make us shut our mouths."

Of course, Lu Xiaoran was not afraid. There was probably no one in the entire Heaven Demon Sect who could defeat him now.

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran threw a small storage bag to Li Daoran.

"This is your share. Take it. Don't lose it."

Li Daoran immediately bent down and caught the storage bag. He could not help but tremble.

Two hundred and five thousand high-grade spirit stones. Heavens, he would never dare to imagine himself possessing so many spirit stones at once.

This was not inferior to an ordinary working-class man winning tens of millions of yuan at once!

He was so excited that he could not control himself.

After a long while, he finally regained his senses. He hurriedly stuffed the storage bag away and chased after Lu Xiaoran.

"Old Lu, oh no, Master Ran, I really admire you. You're really a genius. I'll work with you from now on."

"Get your hands off me."

"Alright, Master Ran. Do you want to massage your shoulders and legs? I can massage you anytime you want."

"Just stay away from me."


Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh as he watched the usually carefree Li Daoran instantly turn into a humble bootlicker.

Who said that a leopard never changes its spots?

Anything could be done as long as one had enough money.

The two of them arrived outside the mountain gate. Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over and already had a rough idea.

The Heaven Demon Sect's array formation was interconnected in the shape of a circle, surrounding the entire Heaven Demon Sect.

The outermost layer was a confusion formation. The consumption of spirit stones was very small, but it was very useful. It could resist the wild beasts in the forest, ordinary people, and some independent cultivators with ideas.

The layer inside was an attack formation.

Once it was activated, it would directly cause an attack that would take one's life. Moreover, it would also alarm the cultivators stationed at the mountain gate.

The third layer was a defensive array formation that was used to resist the attacks of high-level cultivators. Without a special token or a powerful cultivation, one could forget about passing this layer.

The three layers of array formations jointly formed the Heaven Demon Sect's sect-protecting formation!

Under normal circumstances, since most cultivators did not mainly specialize in array formations, everyone's cultivation in array formations was similar. In other words, they were all at the standard level of mastery.

Only with extremely deep attainments in array formations would one be able to build an even stronger array formation.

This was also why the Heaven Demon Sect was at ease to let the two juniors repair the array formation.

This was because everyone's standards were very poor.

"Master Ran, what should we do? Give the order."

Li Daoran bowed with a lackey-like expression, revealing a somewhat despicable aura. Lu Xiaoran's eyelids couldn't help but twitch.

"Can you be more normal? You're making me want to hit you!"

"Hehehe, thanks to you, I've obtained more than 200,000 high-grade spirit stones. Of course I'll let you enjoy the treatment of an emperor."

"Stop being naughty. Hurry up and work. If you don't do well, the sect master will still deal with us."


"How about this? You go and check the grand array on the side. There's not much use there usually, and the array formation doesn't consume much. You just have to replace the spirit stones and activate the array formation again. Then, you can check if there are any obliterated array runes. I'll do the rest."


Li Daoran immediately followed Lu Xiaoran's instructions.

As for the array formation at the front gate, Lu Xiaoran still planned to deal with it himself.

This was the place that was most vulnerable to enemies and also the place that was most easily exhausted. If he worked more carefully, he would also be able to make use of this array formation in the future if there were any powerful enemies.

First was the innermost defensive formation.

A defensive array formation was not foolproof. To be precise, it was a gradual defense. It had a schedule. If outsiders wanted to enter, they would be obstructed by spirit energy. The lower their cultivation, the more difficult it was for them to pass through the array formation.

Lu Xiaoran removed the original array formation inscription and engraved it again. With his extremely proficient attainments, he reconstructed the array formation.

Then, he would fill in the spirit stones at the key points and finally activate the formation to complete the new formation.

Of course, in order to avoid attracting too much attention, he only used 50% of his formation modeling strength.

Although he only used 50% of his strength, the new formation was still much stronger than the previous array formation.

In any case, the people that attacked the Heaven Demon Sect were not peerless experts. It was fine as long as it was good enough.

The remaining ones were the attack formation and the illusion formation.

Lu Xiaoran also used 50% of his strength to complete the construction of these two formations.

The entire process took an entire month.

A month later.

"Hah! It's finally done."

Lu Xiaoran threw away the stone with the engraved runes and clapped his hands, his face relaxed.

Li Daoran ran over from afar with a smile.

"Old Lu, it's finally done."

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

"That's right. It wasn't easy. In the blink of an eye, a month has passed. Speaking of which, aren't you tired? Why are you still so energetic?"

"What's there to be tired of? Not to mention a month, I'm even willing to work for ten years! After all, the 200,000 high-grade spirit stones will last me forever!"

"I wonder who was the one who said that it was better to cultivate at home?"

"Cultivate? Yeah right! If I let you cultivate for a month, will you be able to break through a realm level? I've been stuck at the third level Spirit Realm for almost half a year, and I've barely made any progress since then. Moreover, even if you break through, you'll only still be a Spirit Realm trash. Isn't it good to get 200,000 spirit stones just for repairing the formation?"

Lu Xiaoran was about to say something when the energy in his body suddenly fluctuated.

He had broken through!

Seventh level of the Shattering Void Realm!

After not cultivating for a month, he had broken through another realm level.

Thinking about it, it should be because his two disciples had worked hard to cultivate that he had broken through.

He looked at the smug Li Daoran and sighed. In the end, he did not say anything.

He decided to hide the truth of him advancing without even having to cultivate.

After all, why should he go and ruin other people's happiness?

At this moment, Li Daoran suddenly stopped smiling. He looked around and saw that no one was around, so he whispered sneakily,

"Old Lu, we've both worked hard for a month. Why don't we go relax?"

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly in confusion.

"Where can we go to relax?"

Li Daoran looked around again and then leaned closer to Lu Xiaoran's ear.

"Acacia Faction."


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