6 The Kents

As the spacecraft entered the planet's atmosphere. It immediately started to shake as though it was about to crash which it surely will.

Despite all the shaking and turbulence, James didn't feel much of it as though the space they were in wasn't part of the spacecraft at all.

  Minutes later, James felt the vehicle smash into the hard ground as it slid across its surface and finally stopped. He may not have felt the turbulence but he felt the final crash.

As expected, immediately after the spacecraft landed, Kal started crying but unexpectedly James also joined in.

This was strange for him but he knew that he had been influenced by two things.


One was the rough landing and two was the fact that when two babies are in a room together and one starts to cry, the other will join in and so the two babies lay there in wait as they cried their hearts out.

  Meanwhile somewhere not too far away, a car could be seen rushing towards the crash site. A few minutes later, the car was parked just a few meters away from the crash site as its occupants came rushing out of the car

"Jon be careful" the woman said as she pushed the man gently towards the crash site

  The man understanding her gesture, motioned for her to stay back

"Wait here" he said then reached into the backseat to get a metal baseball bat then he walked into the field.

As James lay there crying, he saw a blurry figure approaching the spacecraft, the figure seemed to be holding some sort of bat-like weapon 

"Oh dear, Who would leave innocent children in a place like this..... Wait are they alien babies" Jon asked shocked as he finally approached the spacecraft

"Jon what's going on there" the woman shouted after the man

"Martha there are children here, I think they are aliens!!!" Jon replied


"Come here and see, there are babies in this place" Jon said as he beckoned for the woman to come closer 

"Oh! What a terrible thing, why would someone do such a thing" Martha said as she ignored the weird-looking pod we were in and reached in to carry the children

"Martha what do you think you're doing" Jon asked nearly scared out of his mind

"Oh will you shut it, does it matter where they came from, they look like regular humans and even cry like one" Martha said completely ignoring her husband as she reached in to carry the children

"Here carry him" Martha said as she passed Kal to her husband after making sure to soothe him and make him stop crying

Seeing this, Jon was beyond horrified, meanwhile, James just found it amusing. Though it is a known fact that Jon and Martha Kent found and raised Kal into what he became witnessing it in person just hit a different 

After somehow managing to convince her husband to carry what he considered 'baby alien conquerors', Martha reached in to carry James who instantly stopped crying.

It was as though her touch was all he needed to make him feel as though he had an army of five(5) million around to protect him.

In simpler terms, her touch made him feel significantly safer than his new powers did.

As Martha carried him out of the wreckage, James instantly began to look around as though to imprint this scene into his mind.

"Oh look, this one's got a lot more energy than expected" Martha said slightly shocked but one could easily hear the joy in her tone

"Martha, you know this is a bad idea, what if they don't eat normal human food and drink human blood instead" Jon argued

However, as he expected, the woman had long since stopped reasoning as she was too busy making funny faces and smiling as though on drugs with the baby in her arms

Meanwhile, James just ignored everything happening around him as he focused on the faces of his soon-to-be parents.

They both looked surprisingly younger than he expected. Martha looked to be in her late twenties while Jon looked to be in his early thirties.

Martha seemed to be the spontaneous and adventuring type while Jon was more of the indoor type of person.

The Extrovert met the Introvert

They were clearly opposites of each other but they somehow completed each other better than one would think.

James had just met them but he felt as though the two had a happy and working marriage

 "Oh God help us" Jon said helplessly as he prayed silently in his heart that the two babies were normal at least in what they ate and how they behaved.

"Yes, before I forget, Jon can you get that space thingy on the truck" Martha called out as she left the field with the two babies in her hands, one sleeping and the other, strangely holding onto his brother as though he feared he would fall.

"What!!" Jon shouted in shock

"What? why are you shouting, what if they need it in future to find out where they came from" Martha reasoned 

After this, a few more minutes were spent arguing until Jon finally realized he had no choice but to do so after all as the saying goes; A happy Wife makes a happy home and Jon wanted his happy home.

As the two worked out their issues, James couldn't help but think about how irresponsible and irrational this was.

Yes, we as humans... No, as living beings naturally have a weak spot for children but this was excessive.

There is the chance that they may be child soldiers who were meant to take over the planet from the inside and as one of them.

Just like the Saiyans or the Viltrumites then this woman may have just single-handedly brought down the human race but thankfully they are on the peaceful side of things.

Speaking of the peaceful side of things, James wasn't so sure if even the Kryptonians were that peaceful.

This assumption was made after considering the fact that the Kryptonian Civilization had and wanted to continue expanding its territory.

When someone hears this, they wouldn't understand what it really means since it doesn't sound as violent or scary as it actually is.

That sentence simply meant that Krypton waged wars on every planet in every solar system they encountered around their territory.


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