I Am in Marvel with Unlimited Cards

During the Second World War, Kyle looked at Captain America standing straight and proud before him. Suddenly, a series of skill cards appeared. 「Pistol Master」 「Martial Arts Master」 「Shield Defense Master」 「Super Soldier Serum」 Which skill card do you wish to extract? “Wait… what? This golden finger… you must be pulling my leg! Not only skill cards but I can also extract super-powered skills like the Super Soldier Serum? Mother of God… what is this?!” (Hey Guys, I am retranslating this novel here and I will try to quickly reach the chapters that had been already translated on other websites. For everyone's confirmation, I am translating it with my own efforts and I am not copying it from other websites. So give me your reviews and tell me if you like it)

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Chapter 7: Engaging in Battle and Killing Enemies.

1943, during World War II.

Led by German leader Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party-dominated military launched a large-scale invasion of Europe.

As a new recruit, Kyle was directly sent to the 102nd Regiment of the Marine Corps stationed in the front-line area.

In the afternoon, a military transport plane arrived at the training base to pick up the new personnels. Kyle arrived at the front-line area around 9 p.m. Just as the transport aircraft had arrived over the temporary camp of the operational headquarters, he understood why he was urgently sent here.

Looking down from the plane, he saw a chaotic scene in the temporary camp. Dozens of dim, warm lights illuminated the tents and military supplies that were haphazardly set up. Officers and soldiers moved around like ants on a hot pan.

"The crazies of the Nazis are still desperately pushing forward. Requesting additional ammunition support!"

"Someone help me lift the medical stretcher!"

"Where are the reinforcements? Has no one arrived from the rear?!"

"All units, reinforce the battle zone! We can't let them advance another step into European territory!"

The commanding officer shouted through a megaphone while the maimed and wailing wounded soldiers were continuously carried into the tents on stretchers by the medics.

Bloodied soldiers carried newly arrived ammunition supplies from the rear, boarded muddy military vehicles, and drove into the darkness heading towards the battle zone.

The renowned and disciplined U.S. Army was now in disarray.

"Soldier! Are you the new reinforcements?" A bearded officer, drenched in sweat, approached Kyle and grabbed him as soon as he got off the military helicopter.

"Yes, Soldier Kyle reporting," Kyle quickly responded.

"Just one new recruit? There's no need to report. We're short-staffed. Take your weapon and go straight to the battlefield! We'll do the briefing later." The bearded officer hurriedly said, taking Kyle's backpack and throwing it near the military tent, giving him the feeling that he was being treated as cannon fodder.

Indeed, as a new recruit with no combat experience, his first time on a large-scale battlefield was essentially considered a one-way trip!

"I understand," Kyle took a deep breath as he spoke. He was already wearing his battle suit and helmet. Holding an American rifle in his hand, he jumped onto a military vehicle used for transporting supplies.

The four-wheel-drive military vehicle didn't even stop as it shuttled back and forth, swiftly carrying supplies to the front-line battle zone. The two light beams on the front of the vehicle pierced the darkness like sticks.

Kyle gripped the American rifle tightly in his hand as the sounds of bombing ahead became increasingly clear and his heartbeat increased as adrenaline surged throughout his body.

"I don't seem to be scared... but rather vaguely excited," Kyle murmured to himself as he felt the feeling in his heart. He had drawn too many Ability Cards, with over a dozen cards that enhanced his willpower.

Well, let's shift my focus. Kyle's gaze fell on the supplies in the rear compartment of the vehicle. With a thought, a series of densely packed Item Cards appeared on the surface of the numerous boxes.

[Medical Stretcher]

[Emergency Medical Kit]

[Military canned food supplies]

[American Hand Grenade]

[American Rifle (collective term for American rifles)]

[Box of medium-caliber rifle ammunition]


The above were all numerous white Item Cards, interspersed with a few green items, such as [High Explosive Grenade], [High Magnification Sniper Rifle], and [Compact Rocket Launcher].

These Item Cards are different from before; they are all in an extractable state!

"Ah, I see." Kyle's eyes lit up as he muttered to himself, "Private items held by others cannot be extracted by me. But these supplies, for the time being, are considered ownerless, so I can freely extract them and convert them into Item Cards to carry with me."

No harm in taking advantage of them.

Kyle immediately began extracting items from the vehicle, converting some of them into Item Cards to carry with him. After all, these supplies were hastily transported for frontline combat and no one would notice if there were fewer supplies.

However, he had initially thought that extracting the Green Item Cards would take at least three minutes, just like the Green Ability Cards. But he was surprised to find that extracting ownerless items only took three seconds.

"Five Rocket Launchers, I'll take two of them."

As Kyle reached the end of his extraction, he hesitated for a moment. Suddenly, a burst of intense gunfire erupted, and after the driver of the military vehicle let out a scream, the vehicle violently shook and came to a stop after colliding with an obstacle.


Kyle reacted quickly as he immediately put himself on high alert. He crouched down quietly, holding his gun and pressing against the rear wall of the vehicle compartment, his ears pricked to listen for any sounds outside.

"Tap, tap, tap."

Several sets of footsteps approached rapidly. Kyle quickly realized that the enemy didn't seem to intend to destroy the supplies vehicle directly but rather to plunder it.

"They don't want to destroy the supplies on the vehicle. This is my opportunity." Kyle remained unusually calm as he perfectly demonstrated his expertise with over a hundred practical skills and Ability Cards.

With his right hand holding the gun, Kyle extended his left hand into the air and a Green Item Card quickly materialized between his two fingers.

Unlike Ability Cards that only manifested within his own skills, Item Cards were originally physical objects transformed into cards. Therefore, Item Cards could be materialized or dematerialized or even returned to their original state for use.

"Be careful, let's go take a look."

"Don't let your guard down."

Two enemy soldiers approached the vehicle cautiously while conversing quietly in German. They jogged towards the military vehicle with a green tarp covering its rear compartment. Just as they were about to use their bayonets to pry open the tarp, a dark metallic item was thrown from inside.

"Shit, a grenade!"

"Get down!"

The words had just left their mouths when the two German soldiers in the front were instantly blown apart by the grenade. Shrapnel and flesh splattered in the darkness, and a figure quickly dashed out from the rear of the vehicle.

"We've got enemies!"

The remaining three German soldiers, who were on guard not far away, shouted and tightly gripped their triggers, unleashing a barrage of bullets toward the rear of the vehicle. However, all their shots missed, hitting the ground and their fallen comrades' bodies.

That figure was too fast!

Taking advantage of the darkness and the distraction caused by the high-explosive grenade, Kyle's figure remained untraceable. By the time they realized and tried to locate him, Kyle had already launched a fierce counterattack.


A loud gunshot rang out from the darkness, and the foremost German soldier was shot directly in the forehead, his head exploding in a mixture of red and white as blood and brain matter sprayed backward. The remaining two soldiers, still terrified and unable to determine the direction of the gunfire, were greeted by two more gunshots.

Not more, not less, exactly three shots. The sound of the gunshots was like the verdict of death, and the remaining German soldiers quickly joined their fallen comrades on the ground.

"Not bad." Kyle emerged from behind a tree, shrouded in the night. He surveyed the bodies of the fallen soldiers lying in a pool of blood.

When he had just rushed out of the rear compartment of the vehicle, he had also glanced around to confirm the enemy's position. After evading the first intense barrage of bullets, he proceeded to accurately shoot his targets.

In his first real battle, he had flawlessly killed five enemies without getting injured himself. It could be called a perfect victory.

"This is my first time killing someone." Kyle looked at the nearby corpse of a German soldier, whose eyes were still wide open, clearly unable to accept his fate.

There was no joy or sorrow on his face. He was as cold and indifferent as the god of death.

Kyle had expected that experiencing his first kill, combined with the extremely bloody scene before him, would at least make him nauseous.

But in reality, he felt nothing in his heart. An unwavering resolve reminded him that if he hadn't killed them, he would now be lying on the ground as a lifeless corpse instead of them.

"It's not for the sake of some American-style justice of protecting home and country. I'm only doing it for myself. And in order to survive in this world and establish a stable foundation, I'll achieve my own accomplishments." Kyle coldly spoke to the bodies on the ground, "Encountering me can only mean you've had terrible luck."

(End of this chapter)